Adding folders and options ?
Hey there guys,

I am once again new to xbmc, i used to use it on the origional xbox, I am just in the middle of selling my popcorns to change to the apple 3 (when jail breakable) and i am using xbmc on a TV/PC all in one in my bedroom and my laptop connected to my tv in the livingroom via HDMI.

I am going to be getting at least 2 apple tvs, one for the livingroom and one for my daughters room.

I have a Server (running FreeNAS, Sabnzbd and sickbeard)

The SMB for the NAS is x: So my media is as follows:

My movies X:\Downloads\Movies my TV shows: X:\Downloads\TV

My daughters is movies: X:\Amy and tv shows: X:\Amy\Amy TV

So in both our bedrooms i can set it up easy, just amys on her xbms and mine on mine.

However, is it possibe on the main one in the livingroom to have.......

Under the Moveis tab have a sub menu saying movies (for mine) and Amys Movies for amys ?

and for tv shows, tv shows for ours and Amys Tv for amys Huh?

Im just playing around with it at the moment and on my pc (not using the to watch anything just using it for practcing with settings ect)

I have managed to delete the my tv shows and its greyed out in the settings for some reason.

also in my bedroom when i tryed to add amys tvs the just merged into mine.

Thanks for any help

Yes you only have one library (per profile).
So in the real library all sources will always show up.
But what you want is possible next / together with your library.

You can use smart playlists as favorites.
Or you can go to a folder and make it a favorite. Then add the favorite to home or sub menu. (most skins)
But depending on your version you might get this bug that you can manually fix:

You can choose not to have the complete library visible, but it will be there.
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thanks for that, Ill look a little more into it when i get ll my hardware.

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