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Linux - Zotac ID82 (Wakeup, YCbCr Issues)
Hi Guys!

I've bought myself a new Zotac ID82 and installed XBMCUbunut on it.
Everything works great so far, expect two important features:

-- WakeUp from Standby by Remote

I've read a lot about it on the internet and this forum, the problem is that with the ID82 the former /proc/acpi/wakeup fix doesn't work.
I also tried this way (by creating a udev rule)
but didn't succed - my MCE remote control reciver flashes, but no buttons make my box wake up

-- YCbCr on Intel HD3000

I came across this thread ( which indicates that the driver is missing this feature at this moment.
There is although a solution by using intel_write_reg to set the value, which get's cleared after the refresh rate is changed. Has anyone tried to make a hotfix out of this -
or is it even possible to execute these two commands everytime xbmc changes the monitors refresh rate?

Any help would be very welcome. As soon as i got everything toghether and working, I'm going to write a tutorial on setting up the Zotac ID82 with openvpn + tvheadend + jdownloader so that everybody can benefit from it!

Hey CodeMonkey,
I am stuck wherer you are. Did you find any solution?

Yep, I bought an ID80 and setup Openelec - works like a charm now :-)
(2012-12-03, 22:53)CodeMonkey Wrote: Yep, I bought an ID80 and setup Openelec - works like a charm now :-)

How is Openelec in comparison to XBMCbuntu? I also have the Zotac ID80, for the most part have been pretty happy on xbmcbuntu apart from some lip sync issues.

Openelec is just as bad apparently with sync issues.

Mind Im using a ION gen 1 with minimal Ubuntu install and xbmc compiled from source and I cant see this issue. Apparently its platform related or so I understand.

Quote:-- YCbCr on Intel HD3000

Xbmc uses RGB internally, so its useless to convert it it YcbCr. The best is to set your TV to full RGB
And your video card probably defaults to RGB full range anyway so making it change in between is a little useless even if anything (from DVD quality and upwards) is really supposed to use a limited range.
Rarely see a TV that does it properly though some TV's support both limited and full range via EDID.


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