any non-apple remote solutions available?
I use both VLC and XBMC.

Unfortunately, when "allow start of xbmc with remote" is ON, the XBMChelper app keeps control of all the buttons, rendering the remote useless for itunes, VLC, etc.

Does anyone know of any third party stuff (software or hardware) that will work better in my situation?
5 year XBMC user on iMac OS X
Flirc (wiki). I even occasionally use it on my mac, because it just gives so much more control and options over using the Apple Remote IR option. It's very awesome.
5 year XBMC user on iMac OS X
Logitech Harmony work perfect here. Controlling Sharp TV, Denon AV-Receiver, Dreambox 800, PS3 and Mac mini with iTunes and XBMC.
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