[RELEASE] LiveLeak.com
OK, I have never written a plugin but I thought I'd take a stab at LiveLeak.com. This is how far I got today. Tongue

It should work pretty good as it is, and categories are there so you can select them. The things on my TODO as I learn more:
  • Add support for Youtube Urls (this is in INDEX2's method but it does not work and I'm not sure why yet)
  • Add pages so you can go forward or backward
  • Try and group the couple of video links that are doubled up
  • Go over missing artwork

Anyone that wants to jump in and help out feel free. Their site is pretty open and easy to parse.

GitHub here: https://github.com/oneadvent/plugin.liveleak
It is in the official repos.

Thanks for taking a look.
missing artwork and pages work on each category now...next is youtube support.
Youtube support is now added. This now encompasses all the videos I could find on the site. As far as I can tell the only stuff that does not show up are the text only links.

Left on the board is adding search and grouping like videos.
Finally Search is added. I am going to stop there and submit to be added to the repos. I'm honestly not sure on the grouping videos, if someone has a good idea on it I'm all ears.
This is now officially in the repos.
thanks for the efforts!! top site
cant find it... can you post a link to it??... i would love to try this....
There is a link in the first post which is my git hub. That has everything there and you can manually install it that way.

However, it is in the official repos. You may want to force update if you don't see it. (context menu)

It is just named liveleak.
Good one!!!...
Since there has been no update for quite a while I just downloaded the package from Github and made two changes:

-Fixed category "Popular"
-Added category "Syria"

@oneadvent Would it be possible that you add these changes to your Github?

Get V.0.0.2 here:
Hi. No one ever tells me if anything is broken Tongue

Actually AllahuSnackbar it would be hella easier if you did a pull request so I can merge these changes properly.

Is that possible?
Since it was so easy to fix on my own I just had to do it Tongue
Less work for you.

I never used Github before but I think I managed to do it properly.

Nice Plugin btw Smile Using it almost daily.
Looked ok to me, I had been meaning to look into "popular" but no one complained so I thought it was just me using it.

Merged, I'll contact xbmc to have them push it live for everyone.
Thank you, kind sir! I've tested the changes and it's working now.
Hey oneadvent Smile

LiveLeak player has been updated which caused a new issue. See Github for details Smile
I'll try fixing it myself in around a month.

Best wishes

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