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works good!

I haven't found a link that wouldn't play in the "view?i=" format.

Is it possible to add parsing for:
(2017-04-04, 00:44)gedisony Wrote: Is it possible to add parsing for:

Done. Smile Anything else?
All good!
have no problems with liveleak addon with android /kodi
with Libreelec 8.x.x (kodi 17.4) clicking on streams randomly and alot of times, cause screen to go black with a black mouse (outlined in white) and after about 10-15 seconds, kodi restarts itself (not the entire system, just kodi part)
libreelec is running on x86_64 generic PC platform (does same with either a Nvidia or ATI video card installed )
anyone else seeing this addon showing no links last couple days?
The site has a notice:
Quote:Note - we are currently upgrading our system. Please hold on tight!
I'm still waiting for the dust to settle.
thx botster !!!

i didnt realize their site was having issue....
i only check it in kodi
Well the site notice that they're upgrading is now gone. But, it seems quite apparent they have more work to do, especially with page navigation. (Channels don't seem to be updating as frequently as is normal, but navigation is a critical issue.)

I'm going to give them a bit more time before I push an update, in case they decide to break something else.
thx for the update
You're welcome (even though it didn't seem to be much of an update on my part).

The "upgrading" notice is back now; actually for a couple of days. Threads still aren't being updated. And, using the back button from a media page takes you all the way back to thread page 1 no matter what page you were on.

I don't know what they're doing.
(2012-07-11, 05:37)oneadvent Wrote: ..

Edit: Ouch! I was a little too quick to post the updated URL to the GitHub code. The original code is no longer maintained, but @Botster seems active. Kudos! 
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Yes, I'm on it Smile

The site notice that they're upgrading is now gone again, and threads (channels) are actually updating. But, it is obvious they have more work to do.

I've been waiting to see how they've decided to handle navigation which is still inconsistent from channel to channel. I may have found a url format that will give consistent results across the board, but I will need to investigate further. It does look as though I will have to drop the "Featured" category.
I have been able to determine a consistent method of retrieving the content of the various categories. Also, the "Featured" category has been kept as well as others I thought would have to be dropped.

A working model has been uploaded to my repo on GitHub. But, if they aren't quite done and change any of their navigation methods, something is likely to break in the plugin.

I'll be testing it for, likely, the duration of the weekend; then, if all goes well, submit a pull request to the official Kodi repo.

If you're missing your Liveleak 'fix', or if you'd simply like to help me test it, please download it from:
Yes I miss my LiveLeak feed, and thanks to your github link, it's back atm, hope this holds.
Yes, we can hope it holds.

I forgot to mention that I had been working on enhancements to the plugin:

1) Using the 'Info' key/button, you can get:
  • The LL user that posted the item/video (as 'Writer')
  • The description of the video written by the Writer (Plot)
  • The Parental Guide rating as defined by LL (MPAA Rating)
  • The LL users' upvote/downvote rating of the video which can be negative (Tagline - it's the only somewhat relevant field I could get to accept/display the string.)

2) Using the context-sensitive menu, you can 'moderate' a LL user's items. That determines if the item's title is highlighted (for ones you like) or subdued (for the others).

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