TS files please help?
I love XBMC, it playes all my movies except the ones that are
i have tried hard to find a answer, seems some others have had tis problem too but i dont see any one writing a soulution.
is there really a way to play these files?
TS is a Transport Stream file... they should have a .ts file extension and usually they're encodes that potentially can have more than one video in this kind of container, if you're not getting a lot of luck playing them I suggest that you transcribed them into a more common format.

They play perfect on windows media center, but i prefer xbmc for a player.
i have a bout 100 audio_ts video_ts movies
is there a easier way< i really want to play them on xbmc
PatK - I don't think he's actually referring to .ts files, but the audio_ts & video_ts folders that are the folders from a dvd.

Bturz - As long as they contain all the .vob, .bup & .ifo files in them, then they should play fine in xbmc. (not even really sure you need the .bup & .ifo). I have a few movies that are the dvd folder structure and they all work for me in xbmc. Are you getting any errors when you try to play them? Are you trying to play them through file view or through the library. Really need more info here.
all i can say is thanks you for trying to help me!! youre right these are audio_ts & video_ts folders that are the folders from a dvd. sorry for the lack of info!
they were burned with dvd fab, i have a pile of them, and they play with windows media center perfect!
xbmc plays everything perfect except these files i described.
again i appreciate your help!
no errors, when you pick your movie you get two choices:
when i choose video_TS it gives a list of video files, when i choose any one of these files it plays a few minutes of a segment of the movie
there must be a easy answer?
there usually is lol
Sounds like your going in through files mode and not the library. It should play fine in library mode. What version of xbmc are you running?
eden 11.0
i went to settings and could not find library mode or files mode, can you tell me were i could find library mode?
thanks iam sure its something so small prenenting these movies from playing.
There are no modes anymore, just views. Go into Videos -> files for File view

Go into TV Shows or Movies for Library view

Both can show metadata when scanned into the library
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