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HarryRosen Offline
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I am running the latest frodo build and in the skin settings I can hide everything except the system tab. I want to be able to hide it so people can't go into it and make changes. Since I mapped a button on my remote remote for settings I don't see a need for that system to on the home screen. any help would be awesome

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Mudislander Offline
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If you really want to do this you can hide it permanently

Open up home.xml in notepad++ and find the section of code below
<item id="5">

then add in the condition


So it look like this

<item id="5">

You will not have "settings" on your main menu anymore.

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texaco Offline
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Would be nice if this was a togglable option that followed the different useraccounts. This way you could set up a account with system visible and a regular account for everyday use that had the system hidden
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wilson.joe Offline
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you can always use the confluence lite mod aka "yet another confluence mod" there is an ability a toggle for it.

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startrek Offline
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I have a question about Mudislander's instruction. Where is folder path for the home.xml file? Is it C:\Users\JohnDoe\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\userdata AND did anybody get it to work?

I also tried copying the code the advancedsettings.xml and nothing changed.

Here's what I'm trying to accomplish. I have elderly parents who are not computer literature. I have many DVDs that are either mkv or avi. They just want to insert the disc and hit the Play Disc icon -- that is all. No other features are needed. So ultimately I want to hide the System icon to avoid confusion. I would be nice if XBMC treated user profile the way Windows OS does it; Administrator and Limited User because XBMC's Master Lock popup gets annoying.

In summary, I want to hide System tab and also Favorite icon (star looking shape)

Thank you so much for your help.

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Joe9T Offline
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The file path (assuming you are working with the default skin Confluence) is:


The required section is near the bottom of the file

Yes it works Smile

You can disable the Favourites and Power Icons in the same way, a little further down in the file, you will need to add in two places each to disable and hide the icons Smile
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