Weekly rebooting of Apple TV?
Hi Smile

Seems like once a week I need to reboot my Apple TV 1 with Crystalbuntu, because if I don't use it for a few days, the screen goes blank and everything is unresponsive. Once I do reboot, everything works fine until the next time it happens.

Is this a common problem? As the likely answer to that is "No", what am I doing wrong? Might I have something in my XBMC settings that is causing the box to act this way?

I have 2 Apple TV 1's on 2 separate TVs and the same thing happens to both. With each, I have Crystalbuntu on a flash drive connected via USB.

Thanks for looking Smile Let me know if I need to supply more info for the forum to better diagnose the problem.
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Weekly rebooting of Apple TV?00