Best way to connect sound ?

My Hifi stereo amplifier has only one optical input.
But both my TV and HTPC use optical.

So what is the best way to connect all ?
I want the best audio quality when listening ripped CD, so htpc has to be the most optimized part.

  1. Connect htpc to amp with optical + connect TV to amp with jack/rca cable
    TV will use it's self poor DAC.

  2. HTPC hdmi out -> TV hdmi in -> tv optical out -> amp
    TV needs to be always on when listening cd, and i'm affraid of jitter or other bad stuffs.

  3. Connect HTPC to amp with optical, and use hdmi arc from TV to htpc ?
    I don't know if it's even possible!

  4. Connect htpc to amp usind USB, but after some readings, 90% recommend to prefer optical over usb !

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