Linux AudioEngine hogging the sound
I hope that someone have a solution for this annoying error that I am having, and many others too as I have found out when trying to find a solution.

It all started when I updated my trusty old Xbox-live install to a new build that used the new AudioEngine so that I could take advantage of the new HD-audio formats. All the sound in XBMC was working great, but somehow I lost audio for all the other apps I was launching using the Advanced Launcher.
I had some errors in the log that suggested that I had troubles because of my Alsa being to old (1.0.24) and the update to 1.0.25 Alsa never worked out.
I got sound back on all my apps by installing the Eden Final (without AE) so I'm thinking that it must be the AE hogging the soundcard somehow.

Now recently I started a new install based on the 12.04 XBMCbuntu disc that is available and suddenly I have sound on all apps when launching XBMbuntu at login and then starting XBMC but not when launching XBMC directly at login.

If anyone could help me sort this out I would be really thankful as I've been trying to figure this out for weeks and it is really driving me nuts.
AE is BETA. Switch to stable until Frodo is stable...

2032 (GH issue)
2074 (GH issue)

I've openend ticket for listing dmix devices which would be a workaround for these issues.

Let's hope someone finds the time to fix it. I'm still searching for it, time that is.

Stop crossposting and just link to information on your first post or pick one thread.

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