HTPC won't sleep when XBMC AudioEngine running
I have my HTPC power configuration set to go to sleep after 15 minutes in Windows.
When I was using v11 Eden, when running XBMC, if I left the HTPC idle for 15 minutes, it would go to sleep. However, since installing AudioEngine (June build), if AudioEngine isn't running and I'm just sitting idle in Windows, it still goes to sleep, but if AE is loaded, it doesn't matter how long I leave it alone for, it never seems to go to sleep.

Has anyone else experienced this, or know why this might be the case?

Ideally, I'd really like AE to adhere to my windows sleep settings; as it stands, the HTPC never sleeps all the time AE is loaded.
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HTPC won't sleep when XBMC AudioEngine running 00