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Hi I'd like to share a TV scraper I've been working on lately. This scraper uses data from thetvdb.com but with the season/episode mapping from thexem.de which lets us add certain shows to our library where thetvdb and reality do not match up without having to rename our files to match thetvdb.

I'm calling it beta as I've only tested it with a few shows (which it works great on) but wanted to get some others to try it out as well to see if there are any bugs or such.

The show will have to exist and have mapping setup on thexem.de so you may want to check their site to see if your show exists before attempting to scrape for it. If it doesn't exist you can sign up and add it along with the proper mapping.

Edit - Download link removed as this is now available via the official XBMC repository
This is awesome! I finally got my anime's working with this scraper and in combination with regex syntax. And not just anime's with only one season, but especially anime's that have more than one season!!

Naruto Shippuuden
One Piece
Fairy Tail

These are finally all showing up as they are suppose to in XBMC. Big Grin

The only problem i am having right now is that all of these episodes are now all in one big list as opposed to tvdb where they were categorized into separate seasons. This makes looking up a particular episode very difficult since with for example One Piece you have to look through a list of more than 500 episodes. I rather liked the setting of tvdb where looking up an episode was very easy. Is there any change you could add a setting that makes it possible to change from absolute numbers to the tvdb setting? Also when you try to watch an anime from any those i named above right now it doesn't get scrobbled to Trakt. Is there anything you can do about that?
Hi I will take a look and see. It's actually NOT using absolute numbering so what you're seeing may just be the way thexem.de transforms thetvdb's xml.

For the trakt scrobbling I'm assuming the plugin sends the season/episode number from xbmc to trakt. Since trakt uses thetvdb's numbering that's probably why it's not working (i.e. as you mention they all come in as season 1 so it would be trying to scrobble 1x249 which doesn't exist on trakt). Basically I think if I can get the first thing fixed I believe the trakt part will just work.
Yes. I thought that that was the problem when scrobbling to trakt. So like you said, when you fixed the problem with the absolute numbers it will automatically also fix the problem with scrobbling to trakt. Anime's that only have 1 season scrobble fine as you can see in my widget.
So it was simple enough to provide the desired season/episode number in the GetEpisodeDetails function however it seems XBMC doesn't actually use the <season> and <epnum> tags from that function.

I can provide you with the updated version to confirm but for me the following gets added as 1x257 even though the xml says its 12x15:

20:02:24 T:2953850880   DEBUG: scraper: GetEpisodeDetails returned <details><plot>Part One of the Four Week Long Special Project for the Broadcast's Tenth Anniversary</plot><title>Meeting</title><season>12</season><episode>15</episode><thumb>http://thetvdb.com/banners/episodes/79824/4295743.jpg</thumb><aired>2012-04-05</aired><rating>5.7</rating><runtime>30</runtime></details>
20:02:24 T:2953850880   DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: Adding new item to tvshows:/XBMCFauxbrary/Naruto Shippuuden/Season 12/[Taka]_Naruto_Shippuuden_257_[720p][0E3E578A].mp4

I'm guessing XBMC only uses the season/episode numbers from GetEpisodeList, which seem to be just the numbers from the file name as that how it appears to match up the files to the episode data.

Since the default XBMC TV scraper provided (tvdb) places the <season> and <epnum> tags in its GetEpisodeDetails it's possible that XBMC used them in the past but it's now broken or has been removed, although its also possible my setup is f'd.
Ok. You can send me the files and i will see if i get the same results.
Maybe you can ask other developers from scrapers how they do it, so that you can solve this problem. Because i really would like to use this scraper, but only if i am able to scrobble to Trakt.
Have you found any way to solve the problem already? It has been two weeks so far and until now i have not seen any updates. Are you still working on fixing this problem?
Yeah the current code in xbmc always uses the season/episode numbers that were determined from the filename regardless of what the scraper provided for those values. I've issued a pull request that fixes that behaviour but I don't know if/when it will be accepted. https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/1225
Can you tell me where i can find the file VideoInfoScanner.cpp on my own PC? I tried searching for it, but i got back no results. Until the XBMC developers pick this up i want to make the changes you put in the request myself.
(2012-08-05, 16:36)dunpealhunter Wrote: Can you tell me where i can find the file VideoInfoScanner.cpp on my own PC? I tried searching for it, but i got back no results. Until the XBMC developers pick this up i want to make the changes you put in the request myself.

That's a file in the source code, which probably does not exist on your machine. You'd have to download the source code, make the change, then compile XBMC yourself. That may be a bigger undertaking that you're willing to go through for something like this
Hi guys!

I have some anime on my computer and I'm looking for a working scraper witch can scrap files named as follows "[HorribleSubs] Naruto Shippuuden - 274 [720p].mkv"
Is it posible with this scraper?
If you have the extra tv regexes added then this scraper or thetvdb.com (set to absolute) one should work.
What is and where do I fins the extra tv regexes?
(2012-08-09, 22:28)Frim Wrote: What is and where do I fins the extra tv regexes?

I followed this post for installing the regex http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=51614 and now with the thetvdb.com scraper XBMC finds some of my anime, namely Berserk, One Piece and Highschool of the Dead and that's SUPER! but it can't scrap my Naruto Shipuuden and Prince of Tennis anime witch is weird because they are in the same format.

Any suggestions?

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