Win XP and XBMC 11.00 doesn't start
Hello, maybe you can help me.

I have and old Point Of Sales Terminal that I want to use as music player only. It has 256 Meg memory, 1 GHz Celeron, 800:600 resolution, 24 bit color and touchscreen. Using VLC it plays videos adequately but that is not what I'll be using it for and I wanted to use the XBMC GUI (or similar because of the low accuracy of the touchscreen).

I've installed fresh Windows XP SP3, all relevant drivers, the latest DirectX and XBMC 11.00. XBMC comes up with an nondescript Windows error on starting up "XBMC has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." Then the PC offers to send error report to Microsoft. The last line in the XBMC.log is "T124 Error: CRemoteControl::Connect - failed to connect". I can't find that line using Forum search. Does anyone have idea what could be the problem and how I can work around it?

Thanks in advance. Smile

Try the older Dharma version; should work.
The "CRemoteControl::Connect " error is a red herring. It comes from a different part of XBMC that is looking for a remote control. You need to copy and paste the whole log to and post the link here (don't post the log here!) so we can have a look at it.
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XP and XBMC 11.00 doesn't start00