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MediaElch - MediaManager for Mac/Linux/Win (with music library scraping)
(2019-09-04, 17:31)Powerhouse Wrote: Would it be possible to add a secondary (alternative scraper) for Concerts, that would work with Music Videos, like TheAudioDB.com. Check out this thread for some details on this (and what kind of Music Videos I'm taking about).
336828 (thread)
That's possible if we have a good way to search for music videos. Maybe I'm missing something but doesn't TheAudioDb require an artist's ID to search for music videos?
See https://www.theaudiodb.com/api_guide.php

One possible way would be to have to text fields. The first for the artist's name and the second for the track's title. We would have to load a list of all music videos of an artist and then filter it.

Or am I missing a better search option? Smile
Any word on when you'll be releasing v2.6.2 with all these awesome changes? Not trying to rush you or anything.. just curious and eager Smile
(2019-09-13, 07:32)monisriz Wrote: Any word on when you'll be releasing v2.6.2 with all these awesome changes? Not trying to rush you or anything.. just curious and eager Smile

This weekend :-)
See https://github.com/Komet/MediaElch/pull/779
There are only minor issues that I want to fix before I release the next stable version. Mostly testing needs to be done. For example I just found a dead-lock (i.e. MediaElch is frozen) this week that I had to fix.
Great! Looking forward to it!
MediaElch 2.6.2 - Ferenginar
The next stable version 2.6.2 is finally here! And we finally have a blog again: https://mediaelch.github.io/mediaelch-bl...ch-v2.6.2/

What’s new?
This version fixes multiple bugs and has many small improvements. A lot of race-conditions and possible crashes were fixed so that MediaElch should now run without issues. 

Support of multiple Kodi versions
You can now choose the Kodi Version for which MediaElch should generate NFO files. The previous versions were not compatible with Kodi v17 and v18 which has now been fixed. MediaElch now uses the new ID format (uniqueid) and has updated other tags as well. You can choose Kodi’s version in MediaElch’s settings:


Attention developers: We now use CMake as our primary build system! We also switched from QList<T> to QVector<T> as our default container type. This made some painful bugs visible which this version fixes. Google’s address sanitizer is now used to build and test MediaElch and we recommend using it.

Package maintainers can now use the DISABLE_UPDATER and USE_EXTERN_QUAZIP build flags to distribute MediaElch in a way that is compatible with packaging guidelines.
We now also have more and better documentation for new contributors. You can find it at https://github.com/Komet/MediaElch/tree/...ntributing

What’s next?
We will continue to improve MediaElch. No huge features are planned at the moment. The next version will finally use TheTVDb API v2 which didn’t make it into this version.

Where can I download MediaElch?
Stable releases can be downloaded from https://mediaelch.github.io/mediaelch-doc/download.html
For Linux distributions we provide repositories for Ubuntu (.deb) and openSUSE (.rpm). If we're missing a Ubuntu or openSUSE version, please let me know. :-)
Chocolatey and Homebrew may take a few days until the new version is available.

Where can I get help?
For general question use Kodi forums, e.g.
 - [English] 136333 (thread) (this thread)
 - [German] https://www.kodinerds.net/index.php/Thre.../?pageNo=1

If you find a bug, please open an issue on https://github.com/Komet/MediaElch/issues

Check out the full changelog at https://mediaelch.github.io/mediaelch-do...notes.html


PS: I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks.If you find any bugs, please report them. I'll answer them next month. Smile

Thanks for this update. I tested the release to see if the default video codec would be detected as h.264 when scraping a new movie or updating the video information and it still defaults to avc.

This is even after I added advancedsettings.xml

The 3.6.0 release is still the last one to correctly identify the video codec as h.264
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