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Exporting and reimporting video library info
I have an existing Windows XMBC installation and am now attempting to create a new XBMC installation on another PC on my network.

I have my videos in separate folders on an external drive on the network and have exported my video library to individual folders on that drive. Looking in each folder I now have a .nfo file, and a .tbn and jpg file in each folder. I was hoping that setting up the drive as a movie source on the new installation it would use the info in the folders but it appears to be going onto the net to get it.

Several of my movies have .nfo files and thumbs and fanart that I have created myself so I'd rather not have to sort that out all over again.

I thought that local info took precedence over remote info? Any idea what I might be doing wrong?
Well... this is embarrassing, I pointed the new installation at the backup master folder which I didn't export to. D'oh! Tongue

It's doing what I expected now it's looking in the right place!

Exporting and reimporting video library info00