Should a per show library update also clean?
I am running sickbeard for TV Shows and it is set to do an XBMC library updates per show rather than a full library update when post processing a downloaded episode. I also have it set to download a HD TV quality version first and then upgrade to a WEB DL version later. In doing this it deletes the older HD TV file and when it performed a per show library update, I could swear XBMC used to remove the deleted version of the episode from the library. Nowadays It never does this any more even thought I have cleanonupdate enabled in advancedsettings. Should XBMC perform a clean while doing a per show update?
Probably - it should log that it's cleaning I think.
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Here is a debug log where SAB downloaded 'Franklin & Bash - s02e09 - Waiting on a Friend - HD TV.mkv' and then downloaded the 720p WEB-DL version and deleted the HD TV version, but XBMC still shows both in the library.

I don't see any mention of it cleaning the library. I'm certain this used to work in older versions of XBMC.
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