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[PATCH] ADD: No-Op scraper support to allow nfo based only library
This is a patch that has so far been rejected for being too "hacky". I include it here for reference.

It creates a pseudo "Local information only" scraper, which only scrapes based on local .nfo.

Patch on pastebin
Patch on github
+1 for integrating this into XBMC. In my opinion it is a desperately needed feature for people using external scrapers like Ember Media Manager to have full control of the sraping process and make sure only local data is used.

Thank you very much for your work Koying!

@XBMC Team: Please reconsider this pull-request. Having a "local only"-scraper which could be enabled on a per source/folder basis has many advantages over a globally active scrape local only setting.
+1 as well, would love this to be an actual part of XBMC then a add-on or script.

If its to "hacky" maybe someone on the dev team can take a quick look and re-write it.
+1 here too.

Just asked a question that this feature would solve:
Hi guys,

just registered on this forum just to manifest my agreement with including this features.
I use xbmc only nfo-based and would love that.

thanks for your work
+1 for this. I would love to have this option. So far its the only thing i've found missing - i couldnt believe it wasnt an option when i searched for it.

I am new to xbmc so if any of the following is wrong please correct me.. For myself the fundamental issue with xbmc is any downloaded meta information is stored locally on the device running xbmc.

I have a windows PC which has all my movies on it - this works fantastic - it has a huge amount of storage. I am running xbmc in the bedroom on a small linux device - this runs xbmc but it doesnt have free space. As it currently stands all the meta content is downloaded to the small linux device so its just going to get clogged.

Shouldn't meta content be stored along side the movie files it represents?

I run my own scraper on my Windows PC which scrapes the meta content and stores it along side the movies. Why shouldnt it be an option for xbmc to only use the locally avaliable info? It makes perfect sense.

Would love to have this feature. Internet access is especially slow for me, so updating my library can be quite time consuming. I have used Ember Media Manager and have structured my movie database like so:

<Name> [<Year>]
- <Name>.avi <--The movie
- <Name>.nfo <--The info file
- <Name>.tbn <--Poster
- fanart.jpg <--Fanart

I also have several devices running XBMC in my home, so to update each library can take a whole day! With offline only scraping, I could quickly use just these files that I have already set up and not worry about XBMC trying to make thousands of webservice calls, which slows down the whole process.

I think this would be a great feature to have, since I like to add all of my metadata before the media even gets onto my media center. I know that XBMC itself places local data as a higher priority then scrapped data, but I'd still rather be able to out and out turn off scrappers then just count on XBMC doing its' job.

This would be a great feature, as I also have multiple xbmc instances and prefer to have them all use the same metadata that I have created using ember.

A “must have” feature for those who carefully edit their metadata manually or with external tools
+1 here too.

Hate to resurrect an old thread, but I think this is a customization feature that is sorely missed.

Since the local NFO scraper is already built in, it wouldn't really need another one, just a checkbox along the lines of "import media by NFO only" or something like that. Also, an exception report would be handy, if a media file didn't have an NFO, or if the NFO was incorrectly formatted.
Mmm... This got merged eventually, so is in Gotham already.
Great to hear, but there are many of us still using Eden and Frodo. In my case, my HTPC is a 2.0 gig Athlon 64, with a gig of RAM, so it's pretty much limited to Windows XP in the MS world, which Gotham won't support.

Of course, considering that a Raspberry Pi runs 1080p better than my current build, it might be time to upgrade or consider going back to Linux and dealing with driver headaches...
(2013-09-26, 08:24)Koying Wrote: Mmm... This got merged eventually, so is in Gotham already.

Hi Koying,

I, for one, am glad this patch was merged

Something I've been pondering . . . is there a way for martijn's based Artwork Downloader to be folded into this?

When I add a movie to my library I have to run the Artwork Downloader afterwards to get the disc art, clear art, etc to show up, but 9 times out of 10 the png or jpg files were already in the folder

I'm somewhat confused about the interplay between various things I am using
-local nfo only scraper
-metadata scraper (MCM - similar to ember, pulls all artwork and writes nfo files)
-nfo files
-mysql videodb
-artwork downloader

Can disc.png, clearart.png, etc be written and scraped from nfo files? If so, then this looks like an issue for the external metadata scraper dev to sort

Any advice appreciated, thanks
there's still no scraper support for those images. this requires code changes in core
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