Linux -  HOW TO: Get Broadcom Crystal HD working with XBMCBuntu
I'm not a Linux nerd, but I'm an old school hacker and XBMC user since 2004. I had some problems getting Broadcom's Crystal HD working with XBMCBuntu, so I thought I'd share the links and information for getting it working, sparing you from the hours I already endured.

1. Install XBMCBuntu to the hard drive.
2. Follow the steps posted here:
(only follow the steps listed under "Crystal HD driver (0.9.30) installation for Ubuntu")
Don't run "make" yet...
3. Use the code in this post to fix one of the files:
If you don't know how to use that code (I didn't know what it was), then manually edit the "driver/linux/crystalhd_lnx.c" file. You want to remove the text "__devexit" that occurs around lines 493 and 577.
4. Now go ahead with "make" from step #2.
5. Congratulations, but it still doesn't work. Running this command fixes it: "dpkg-reconfigure crystalhd-dkms" (source:
6. Crystal HD should be automatically enabled and also appear as an option under the XBMC settings (under 'video', I believe).

If you know of a better or easier process, please feel free to add to this thread. This is by no means an elegant solution.
Thank you so much for this! I spent several hours yesterday searching and doing different things, and this worked for me!

A couple additions, however.

In the first URL, it has a whole line of things it tells you to apt-get to install, most of the stuff isn't necessary for xbmcbuntu. All you need to do is:

sudo apt-get install git autoconf g++

And the rest of the steps worked.

Also, I was searching the dmesg crystalhd error I was getting, and it isn't in this post. It was:

# dmesg | grep -i crystal
[ 9.298488] crystalhd: disagrees about version of symbol module_layout

So now hopefully people will have an easier time finding this resolution.

Thanks again dlxmax!
How do I uninstall if I compiled and installed without the mod? Need I uninstall or can I just recompile and reinstall overwriting the old un-modded version?
Thanks for this info!!! I finally got my Acer R3610 working with CrystalHD. I didn't have to run the dpkg-reconfigre since I never installed the old crystalhd packages. I just use the source to build and everything is working great! Thanx dlxmax!
[quote='dlxmax' pid='1158291' dateline='1343627475']
5. Congratulations, but it still doesn't work. Running this command fixes it: "dpkg-reconfigure crystalhd-dkms" (source:

i get error! bad return status for module build on kernel:3.5.0-37-generic (i686)

please help as my xbmcbuntu isnt reading my broadcom Sad
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