Cannot Connect to XBMC server with remote. Can with webpage.
Hi Guys!

App looks really cool, both my wife and I would love to use this on our phones. I've been having some issues, however.

If I navigate to ip:port in the chrome android browser, I can get the webpage served up by XBMC. I can even click on the remote tab, and use it, and it works.

But when I point the remote at it, I get the "Connection Refused" message, and am told to make sure the webserver is running.

I've double checked to make sure the port and IP I give the box are correct.

Now... I am going over wifi... do I NEED to enable any of the wifi stuff for that to work properly? Is there some piece here I'm missing? Can I get logs to look at to try and determine the problem?

I've run wireshark traces of both the Chrome and WBMC remote connections attempts, and the remote is never even initializing a TCP connection to the XMBC server at all. Just not talking. Not very social. Big Grin

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Device is a Nexus S, running Jelly Bean

Never mind... I'm an idiot.

Always quadruple check the simple things. *SIGH*
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Cannot Connect to XBMC server with remote. Can with webpage.00