Linux [TvHeadend] Only list the actually available recordings under XBMC
Currently, under XBMC, when I display the list of my recordings, I get every program which has been scheduled for <DVR log retention time> days, even :

if the associated file was manually deleted (e.g. by my autodelete script)
if the recording was not made ("Time missed in the HTTP interface") because no tuner was available at this time
The only recordings which do not show are those which were deleted through the HTTP interface or through XBMC.

Pressing "Ok" on a deleted recording inside XBMC will cause nothing but a new Tvheadend entry in the syslog:
Aug 5 22:29:08 pchc tvheadend[1583]: HTTP: /dvrfile/12334 -- 404

I would really like to see only the recordings available for watching.
This would imply to filter the recordings depending on their status: "scheduled", "recording", "completed", "missed", "invalid", and to only keep the "completed" ones.
Should I file an issue on the opdenkamp/xbmc github site?

The addition of a new "deleted" state is under discussion with TVHEadend:

I am currently using XBMCBuntu Eden (vanilla 11.10), XBMC-PVR from Pulse (now build 95) and TvHeadend 2.99-9~oneiric (
(2012-08-06, 12:40)spontex Wrote: TvHeadend 2.99-9~oneiric (

where did you get this version? the offical version hasn't reached v2.13 yet

Have you tried it through the webUI on tvHeadend to see if it's xbmc or tvheadend that is causing the problem?
Version is available form the pulse-eight repository...

The tvheadend source code has also been opened up to the community, see dushmanaic's post re the git hub... good news though means development will continue...
This is the unstable version packaged by Pulse-Eight:

See this discussion about TvHeadend:

- About the "Time missed" recordings, I was wrong: they are filtered by the GetDVREntries method in the pvrclients/tvheadend/HTSPData.cpp file. I have made some tests and that seems to work well.

- However, the deleted recordings are not detected by TvHeadend at this time if the deletion was performed manually from the file system. This results in some false entries. I am not sure if we can do anything about this from the client side without a new "DELETED" status on these recordings.

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