Windows - Nightlies from 2. july on; problems with cover thumbnail and database
Perhabs I made something wrong, but from the 2. july on I have problems with the cover thumbnails for my music libary. On the OSV the cover doesn't show up. Have deleted totaly the thumbnail cache folder and all databases and let build it again from the start. Same problem. Couldn't find something in the log. When I assign the covers new it will show up one title and after it disapear.

I hope somebody can help meHuh Tongue
You need to rescan your music. If you ran an early build then you may have received the update but not been prompted to rescan. If you do a search on the forums you'll find the solution is to edit guisettings.xml and find the <needsupdate> tag and set it to 27. Restarting XBMC and entering the music library will prompt you for the rescan.

Note: If you've deleted the thumbnails folder without also clearing out the texture database, the first step is to delete Textures13.db (userdata/Database)
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Have tried again and update the tag <needsupdate> to 27. but the problem still exists.

Let me explain it with pictures:
Here you see the cover thumbnail is missing but when I go to album info it's there:
when I browse the libary and on the on screen visualisation the thumbnails are also missing.

When I try to actualise the thumbnail it shows up until the next title is played, then its missed again.

Where is the fault?

I'm at the lastest nightly...
Couldn't find the problem. I'm back to RC3 with the old database witch is working well.
I'm having the same problem
I'm back with the problem because would like that the new version works...
I could find out that when I'm at Home screen the cover is shown. But when I leave this screen the next track will lose cover...
Back to beta I realy want tho use it, but with the thumbnail problem its a big no go for me.
Have somebody found a solution for this problem?
I also have this issue and have posted additional details here:
Hmm seems for other not so the big issueHuh Not fixed for nearly over 2 monthHuh
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