Covers \ Posters not showing in files view

I am new to XBMC, so forgive me if mine is a total n00b issue. I searched the forum, but didn't find anything that seemed relevant to my problem.

I had been having trouble with the program locking up under Eden, so I decided to try the nightly builds. The lockups are gone (less frequent, anyhow); but now I have a totally new problem where no artwork is showing when using the videos menu to browse files. Only thing that shows is the standard file thumbnail where the cover art should be. Movies, TV and Music libraries all work fine.

This started happening with yesterday's build (August 6) and still does the same with today's (Aug 7). Was wondering if it were a bug in the build, or did I screw-up something by installing over the previous version?

Currently running XBMCSetup-20120806-aeef095-master.exe with Transparency! (SVN) skin on Acer Aspire X1420G; AMD Athlon II X4 645 CPU; 4GB RAM; Nvidia 430 video upgrade; Windows 7 Home Premium x64... Nothing spectacular, but it does the job.

EDIT: Doesn't matter what skin I use, same thing happens.
OK, got frustrated and went back to 11.0 Eden. Problem solved. Lockups are back, but only when using some "unofficial" plugins. So I guess that is to be expected. Well, at least I know it wasn't anything I did. ;-)
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