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Linux - Ideas for a home media setup?
So, right now I'm running xbmc in both my master bedroom (Eden) and downstairs in my living room (xbox), and I'm using an iOmega 1TB home network media drive. I've found in the last couple of months that my media server is not only running out of room, but we have simply grown out of its limited capabilities in respect to its read/write speeds.

My grand idea is to have xbmc running in 3 bedrooms, as well as the living room. However, in 3 of the rooms, I will need some type of parental control in respect to what's allowed to be viewed from addons.

I would like to retire my iomega 1TB and build a media backend; prefferably a redundant setup, with 2-4TB of storage, as well as the ability to stream to all rooms simultaneously at full speed thru LAN. I've seen some ideas involving FreeNAS, perhaps this would be a route to go? The server I have now will also be used to store some backups, music, photos as well as a torrent client, I would like to keep the client capability if possible.

Ultimately I would like to completely get rid of cable/satellite and use the internet to get all of our movies/tv shows/entertainment from with a 15-20MBs internet subscription, as well as PBX the phone and get rid of the phone company as well.

Another thing I would like to do is include some type of tv tuner capability in either the server or on the frontend to allow for the local channels.

Currently I have the foloowing setup;

DFI LanParty GF9400 Mobo, Intel Q8300 Quad-Core, 80GB IDE HD, 4GB RAM, CD/DVD burner, Bluetooth, LAN, XBMC Eden (upstairs)

XBOX Classic, xbmc, LAN (living room)

Apple Airport Extreme Router, internet bridged conxion to 2wire router thru LAN (up

With everything i've mentioned, anyone have any ideas? I'd like to brainstorm a little bit and see what could be possible?

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