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Windows - Xperience1080 and the Artist Slideshow add-on
Hi, I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to editing XML files so I was wondering if anyone has had any success with integrating Pksuot and Ronnie's "Artist Slideshow" addon into Xperience1080?

The wiki suggests its just copying and pasting a few lines into the MusicVisualisation.xml but I can't make any sense out of where the lines need to go.

So, has anyone had any luck integrating artist Slideshow with xperience1080? It looks like a killer feature for the skin to round it out while also adding a lot to the music experience.

Ignoring the terrible music, above is an example of what it looks like in action, pulling info from various media sources as you play the music.
Right, this video shows the capabilities of the Artist Slideshow AddOn.
But is unfortunately not an answer to the question of how to use the add-on under the Xperience1080 skin.
I have so far not been found a way to activate and use the AddOn under the skin, which is a shame Sad

In addition, I would also welcome an opportunity to integrate CDArts in different skin sections, especially in the music vizualisiation.
But that's another topic ...

Xperience1080 and the Artist Slideshow add-on00