Update Shared Library Fails for All XBMC Clients
XBMC (12.0-ALPHA4 Git:20120725-82b31e5), Platform: Darwin OSX (12.0.0 x86_64, Version 10.8 (Build 12A269)). Built on Jul 26 2012 (MacMini early 2009)

I'm also running the same version on an ATV2. I'm running RC4 on a Raspberry Pi.

I'm sharing a MySQL library between the above three platforms. The library seems to be working well. All videos are displayed on all platforms. "Watched" videos get marked as such. I can start a video on one platform and resume it elsewhere exactly where I left off.

Trouble is, scanning for newly added videos instantly fails without an error message. This is true no matter what platform I use to scan. I see a brief message saying something like "Preparing..." or "Downloading..." which instantly disappears.

However, if I select a single show and do a "Scan for new content", the scan works fine. For example, here is a manual scan of the show "The Glades".

12:21:33 T:2954383360   DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: Adding new item to tvshows:nfs:// Glades/The.Glades.S03E10.HDTV.x264-ASAP.mp4
12:21:33 T:2954383360   DEBUG: Mysql execute: insert into files (idFile, idPath, strFileName) values(NULL, 28, 'The.Glades.S03E10.HDTV.x264-ASAP.mp4')
12:21:33 T:2954383360   DEBUG: Mysql execute: update episode set c00='Endless Summer',c01='On the day of Callie s board exam, Jim must solve the murder of a businesswoman who had founded a new surf clothing line and was about to offer the endorsement opportunity of a lifetime to a young, local surfing champion. Jim gets more frustrated over Callie s lack of communication, while a sympathetic Jennifer tries to comfort him. As he faces an uncertain future where Callie s career in Atlanta will pull her further away from her life with him in Palm Glade, Jim realizes he must make a decision on where their relationship is headed.',c02='',c03='7.300000',c04='',c05='2012-08-12',c06='',c07='',c08=NULL,c09='60',c10='',c11='',c12='3',c13='10',c14='',c15='-1',c16='-1',c17='-1',c18='nfs:// Glades/The.Glades.S03E10.HDTV.x264-ASAP.mp4',c19='28'where idEpisode=1465

Complete XBMC log here: xbmc.log buadhai 14 Aug 2012
Your debug only seems to show the successful scan, you need a debug of when the scan fails to be of any help. Have you created a sources.xml and copied it to all installs? Are your shares password protected and does sources.xml include username and password?
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The complete log is on pastebin (link in OP), including the unsuccessful scan.

The sources.xml file is where it belongs. The part that references the sources for the TV and Movie libraries looks like this:

            <path pathversion="1">nfs://</path>
            <path pathversion="1">nfs://</path>

The shares are not password protected. Since a manual scan on a single TV show works fine, I know that there is no problem accessing the shares.

I haven't changed anything with respect to the shares or sources.xml in a very long time. The inability to add new videos to the database started recently. I only noticed it today. I have an automatic scan set up and noticed that videos I added to the sources last week did not show up; even after I ran a manual scan.

I was busy all weekend and did nothing with XBMC or the sources shares except to watch one episode of a TV show.

This problem continues to plague me. A pastebin post of the full log is in the OP. But, I may have a clue. When I do a manual scan, it seems that the VideoInfoScanner only looks at a handful of directories:

14:28:17 T:2953318400   ERROR: SetThreadInfo: error Invalid argument
14:28:17 T:2953318400  NOTICE: Thread CVideoInfoScanner start, auto delete: false
14:28:17 T:2953318400  NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Starting scan ..
14:28:17 T:2953318400   DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: No (new) information was found in dir nfs:// & Order Special Victims Unit/
14:28:17 T:2953318400   DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: No (new) information was found in dir nfs:// & Order UK/
14:28:17 T:2953318400   DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: No (new) information was found in dir nfs:// & Isles/
14:28:17 T:2953318400   DEBUG: VideoInfoScanner: No (new) information was found in dir nfs:// Daily Show with Jon Stewart/
14:28:17 T:2953318400  NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Finished scan. Scanning for video info took 00:00

Remember that this happens across all three of my XBMC installations running recent (Frodo?) nightlies.

How do I get VideoInfoScanner to look at the entire video directory instead of just a few subdirectories?
I think I figured this out. It turns out that somehow every TV Show directory has been flagged "Exclude path from library updates."

This is not something that I did, or would ever do. (Only the shows listed in the code above were not so flagged.)

Question: Is there some way to fix this without changing each TV show individually?
Very odd. It sounds like you're doing everything right.

As a test, you might want to try exporting your library from MySQL, remove the MySQL settings from one XBMC box, import the exported copy to a local DB, and see if XBMC still has problems updating the library.
The fix was easy. I just edited the Movie and TV sources and unchecked the "Exclude path from library updates" box. (I have no idea how it got checked. I suspect it was a glitch introduced when I installed a recent nightly. But why did it remain unchecked for just a handful of directories?)

That did the job of unchecking it globally, for all TV show directories.

Updating the library works again.
Ah, didn't see your post (#5) when I had posted before. Good to hear that it's all working now.

Very strange that all but a few got set to exclude like that. It could very well be some kind of bug from trying a nightly build. I'll have to keep it in mind in case anyone else reports something similar.
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