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With the monthly build release I quite often start with a clean XBMC and then import my old video/music library. With current texture cache changes I noticed the initial loading of textures is initially not very fast. That of course is logical, as they need to be downloaded. To force this, I now slowly cycle through all my movies/series/albums to let them all cache. Then I copy the textures database and thumbnails over to my other XBMC devices (ATV2's) as they would even need more time to cache.

Now I was wondering if it is possible to force XBMC into downloading all textures, without me needing to cycle through the lists?
It should already do this in the background when importing I think?
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(2012-08-18, 00:31)jmarshall Wrote: It should already do this in the background when importing I think?
I added Fiddler as proxy and did not see any caching of thumbs. It only happens if I scroll through a list.

Using the July monthly build.
I've experienced a similar and possibly related thing in one of my addons. The service shows a notification with an xbox live gamertag icon as the notification icon, so it's subject to change at any time. I always have access to the image url before I need to show it, but I haven't been able to get xbmc to cache the image until I display it. If the image has been shown before, it displays just fine. If the image is new, the notification pops while the image is still loading and usually displays right before the notification is cleared (currently 5 seconds). Obviously, subsequent displays work fine
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