Show track's ID3 Comment tag on screen

Newbie here. I've searched the forums but couldn't find what I was looking for. If already answered, I apologize.

Using Eden with the Transparency skin on Windows (Win 7 / 64 bit).

Is it possible to get the music player track info (and the music OSD that you get by pressing 'm') to show the ID3 Comment tag also? Just to see if it works, I've tried editing all the xml files (userdata.xml, addons/skin.*/720p/*.xml) that refer to title and essentially changed occurrences of Title to include Comment also, like so:



$INFO[MusicPlayer.Title] - $INFO[MusicPlayer.Comment]

but absolutely no effect at all.

I store a lot of info in the comment tag and would very much appreciate if there's a way for this to show up on the screen.

Thanks in advance,
I for one would like this, too.
One possibility would be a special screensaver which could marquee selectable tags and possibly pics (select directory/filename pattern based on original filename in options). Unfortunately I sorely lack the time needed for learning how to code that in xbmc environment Sad

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Show track's ID3 Comment tag on screen0
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