Black Screen when fullscreening
Hi guys, got xbmc 11.0 for windows 7, when I try to play certain videos (looks like 720, AAC) it just gives me a black screen but audio works fine. If I close down the video but leave it playing the video is working fine in the background... as in I can see it fine. I've tried ticking and unticking the 'use windowed fullscreen instead of true fullscreen' or whatever a bunch of times and it hasn't resolved.

Any help? Im not sure what else to try and clearly it can play the videos but just refuses to in fullscreen.
Having the same issue with my laptop...

Win 7 Home Premium
I7 Q720 CPU
Mobile ATI 5870 driver 8.836.0.0
Realtek Audio driver

XBMC 11.0


Occurs every time I try to view anything. My desktop runs 11.0 just fine.

Hope someo one is looking into this..I like this program!!!!!
I'm not much of a Windows user myself (I haven't had a Windows partition in months), but I do check the Windows forum out from time to time, and I can't help but notice that this has been reported a bunch of times.

At least five different users with various set ups have the same symptom: black screen, but can see the video when they back out of fullscreen playback.

I haven't been able to see anything obvious in any of the past logs that have been posted, but I'm not a developer and I'm unfamiliar with a lot of Windows issues. Anything I can think up of wouldn't explain why video would suddenly work when people back-out into the gui/browser again. If we can figure this out then it's likely a good candidate for the Windows FAQ (wiki), as I imagine other people have this issue (only a small percentage actually post to the forums for help, so the real number is most often significantly larger).

I can also be a bit OCD about things for various reasons, and this issue has triggered my OCD! Thus, I'm going to sticky this post for a while to see if we can't get some extra attention on it.
Thanks Ned !! Nice to see an interest in it finally.
I've seen one debug and it looks like 1366x768 was native screen resolution... Just wondering what the resolution is in settings>system>video when not in windowed mode (from what I've read, it would seem everyone has a black screen at this point?) it should be possible to manually add Full Screen to the Display setting and pick a visible res? or does it go that point?

Can someone with this issue, temporarily change their native windows res to 1280x720 and then launch XBMC to see if this change has any effect on the issue.
I had what seems to be the same problem a while back. Take a look at this thread

Worked great for me. Hope this might fix the issue for you as well.
(2012-08-25, 22:36)Leo8978 Wrote: I had what seems to be the same problem a while back. Take a look at this thread

Worked great for me. Hope this might fix the issue for you as well.

Refresh rate would probably explain it, as XBMC v11 and before will switch to the previous refresh rate when one backs out of full screen.

So for our troubled users, if you could test:

Settings/Videos/Playback (wiki) -> Disable "Sync playback to display"

EDIT: still try this, but I doubt it will help bullmecha or smiledr, as their debug logs shows XBMC detecting 60Hz as the only option for refresh rate.
I was going to try your suggestion Ned..mine was already disabled.

I have been through various posts here and tried all the suggestions I could find, so far no luck.

Thanks for the help!

Guess there is nothing new to try yet.

Keep up the good work fellas!
Yeah, exact same issue for me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Welcome to the XBMC forums, Entrep_Life.

Have you already tried the disabling the setting suggested by Ned Scott in post #7 above?
Yes, I tried that. No go.


The same problem here .. I tried everything and no luck Sad

should we try another version Huh

or try this Huh

Anyone have any new ideas?

Seems like this issue is really only affecting a handful of people?
Anyone working on this at all, would be nice to hear it if you were. Going to uninstall til the issue is atleast looked at or some kind of information is posted.

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