seek + nib issue

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Trying to make a slider for touch screens and i'm having issues with lining everything out (it does work).
I figure it's because of the nib centering. Is there any way around, whatever is wrong?

Because it's a bit hard to explain or show. I have packed the seekbar.png and the videoOSD.xml in a zip file.
The videoOSD should work for the normal (non touch) confluence (made this demo in the light mod).
So just add and replace, then start a video. Move the bar with the mouse.

Files updated. Improved a bit.
In 1,5 h movie i can go about 1 hour forward before i run out of screen. Then, when i move back to start it never goes back to 0 min. Can't go further back then 40 min in the movie. I need to move outside the scope of the texturesliderbar.
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