Windows - smb (windows network) not working as expected
Hi there,

Love Eden 11.0 and it has worked fine with Windows 7 on my Acer R3700 (Ion2). However, having now installed it on Windows 8 I have some strange behaviour to report in that when I am trying to ADD SOURCE for music or video, clicking in the SMB (Windows Network) item in the list no longer seems to connect to the list of PCs on the network and their shares.

My PC is on a HomeGroup and is properly set up and this used to work in Windows 7.

If I manually type in the path, e.g. //ALAN-PC/music, this adds a new path onto the list and it works absolutely fine!

Am I doing something wrong? Has Windows 8 changed behaviour that will be fixed in Frodo? Anyone else had the same problem?

I'm using Windows 8 64-bit, by the w


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smb (windows network) not working as expected00