[RELEASE] XBMC for O2 Joggler
Release: XBMC for O2 Joggler

This XBMC for O2 Joggler release will directly boot into XBMC. It has no GUI for linux installed, so it is as lightweight as possible. It eats only around 100Mb of RAM, boots really fast and it is build on Btrfs filesystem. The base for this distribution was Ubuntu Base/Server 12.04 LTS (Precise) (Joggler Image v1.1 - 17/06/2012) from BuZZ.

I wanted to build as small as possible distribution for O2 Joggler with XBMC, which should have WAF (wife acceptance factor) at least 8 Wink , but there were no available, so I have made a custom one. I hope you will enjoy it. Also feel free to mode it, but do not sell it on e-Bay Wink

In this distribution 'XBMC for O2 Joggler' the following things are included:
- auto-run XBMC build,
- preinstalled addons (youtube, icefilms, tube+, radio, shoucast,...) with modules applied,
- auto-updating of all included addons due to already added repositories,
- build in script for reboot under 'programs/executor' section,
- already integrated touch optimized skins with long press touch support,
- pre-configured advancedsettings.xml with dirty region enable feature,
- remote control over browser (http://ip_of_joggler),
- working remote controller for Android (http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Off...BMC_Remote),
- working sleep/turn off for LCD screen (adjustable under XBMC GUI),
- already applied Overheating / Throttling modification,
- presetted 'intel_idle.max_cstate=2' to avoid interference / pops / clicks in audio output,
- applied latest patches from repository,
- lightweight and fast booting image (eats only around 100 Mb of RAM),
- integrated autostart VNC for easy visual remote management,
- integrated latest alsamixer,
- integrated ssh server for remote management over SSH,
- DHCP for LAN (wired) connection,
- DHCP for wireless connection,
- easy manage wireles connection from inside of XBMC
- more to come....

Some additional infos:
- this image has enabled root account!!!! If you want you can disable it or. change default password.
Username: root
Password: joggler
- default password for 'joogler' account is:
Username: joggler
Password: joggler
- to set your timezone login into terminal and enter:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
- for easy remote management you can use:
- Putty - terminal (http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtat...nload.html)
- WinSCP - visual file management tool (http://winscp.net/eng/download.php)
- VNC Viewer (http://www.uvnc.com/download/1082/1082viewer.html)

Installation (Windows):
XBMC for O2 Joggler will fit on most 2GB USB and SD cards ((1.990.520.832 bytes). I have made it as small as possible.
Download image and uncompress it with (7Zip, WinRAR,...). Get Win32DiskImager from https://launchpad.net/win32-image-writer/0.1/0.1. Then unpack the .img.gz file using 7-zip or. WinRAR. Run W32DiskImager.exe, and select the unpacked .img file. Choose the drive of your USB stick, SD card and press 'Write' to write the image.

ATM the image is in 'beta' stage because there is still some work to do. Bugs are possible because I have only one Joggler and was able to test only on them. REPORT BUGS Smile


XBMC for O2 Joggler v0.9
Download: http://www.jogglerwiki.com/forum/viewtop...347#p12347

What is new:
- added AirPlay support (tested with iPad to send music, photos, videos and it works great),
- added .flac file play support,
- added samba support, so you can easy copy files from PC to Joggler (by default it works with WORKGROUP. If you are using other name, you have to edit file /etc/samba/smb.conf. Also by default it shares /media/ folder),
- added gui option to enable debugging under XBMC,
- added repository for TVCatchup,
- added Fusion repository (Go under setting/add-ons/install from zip file/select Fusion)
- added repository installer addon,
- removed addons Icefilms, 1Channel, Tube+, Navi-X because of some legal stuff according to XBMC community rules (you can always easy add them by yourself),
- addon XSqueeze can now auto-find Squeezebox media server (there are no touch buttons, but maybe developer will integrate them).

To do:
- Will try to implement switch script to jump into SqueezePlay for Joggler but I can not make any promises.
- I have decided not to include TVHeadend into the image by default but short how to will follow, someday :?: , because I want to keep the distro as small as possible and not everybody needs TV backend.
- I want to build auto updating distribution so the changes will be applied automatically. Do not to expect this in short.

XBMC for O2 Joggler v0.8
Download: http://www.jogglerwiki.com/forum/viewtop...347#p12347
Whats new:
- fixed bug with not getting IP from DHCP when using LAN cable,
- now both wired and wireless should work,
- it is now possible to have two IPs at the same time (one on wireless and one on ethernet) - Only recommended for management,
- XBMC plugin for network management is fully usable now.

To do:
- some small tweaks and bug fixes,
- brightness settings for LCD,
- maybe integration of TVHeadend client for DVB-T reception.

XBMC for O2 Joggler v0.7
Download: no need for it anymore
Whats new:
- fixed bug causing crash of XBMC when using weather refresh,
- fixed script error when using 1Channel addon,
- added new modules into XBMC for better addon integraton,
- integrated XSqueeze as requested (http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Add-on:XSqueeze),
- integrated Network-Manager to manage wireless connections for those using Wi-Fi from inside XBMC (Located under Programs).

To do:
- wired network is not working right. This release v0.7 will work with wireless network, but I can not promise that it will work with LAN.

Initial beta release v0.6
Download: no need for it anymore

Image Image
Anybody thinking a Joggler might be a good investment needn't look no further than this great little os release about 50 pound of of ebay for a multi os capable machine with a capacative touch screen able to run Ubuntu Xubuntu ,Joli Os , Android up to ICS, Squeezeplay OS,Mint , Xp ,etc , it just keeps getting better ....
This is great stuff , i've had 0.7 build on all day since 8am , seems very stable , playing vids /tunes without issue :-) , nice and responsive to touch commands on the default Jezz_X re touched skin will keep tinkering and report back any issues .
Love it , thanks for all the work put in to this
Does it have hardware acceleration for x264?

I see that it's an atom cpu with GMA500 as the gpu (not ion)
Yes , no probs to quote the joggler wiki

The O2 Joggler is a remarkable system for a number of reasons, not least that they are a highly capable touchscreen device for a bargain price. They are pretty robust, relatively easy to recover from the even most comprehensive of fails and fairly powerful. A Joggler consists of a 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z520 processor, Intel GMA500 graphics with hardware acceleration (yes, you can play 1080p H.264 video), 512MB RAM, a single-touch capacitative touchscreen and two small speakers in a 'picture frame' chassis

it looks like you are distributing binaries and not the source for your changes? XBMC and most of its deps are GPL, please honor it.
Will it work on this?


(2012-08-24, 18:37)Hitcher Wrote: Will it work on this?



(2012-08-24, 18:37)Hitcher Wrote: Will it work on this?



Yes that will be fine ;-)
Happy Joggling
Nice, this would be a good excuse to fire the older joggler back up :-)

Any chance you can use the PVR branch for those of us that are using XBMC for live TV?
There is no good skin with PVR available that is small and lightweight. You can call backend even with this release. Also you can try to install it by yourself because you have full access to system.
DJToll has made a Joggler skin..see here:

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But no PVR.
(2012-08-24, 20:45)mad-max Wrote: DJToll has made a Joggler skin..see here:

And very good it is too, it is included in the above release together with Xebo and re touched ;-)
(2012-08-24, 21:35)illiac4 Wrote: But no PVR
That sounds doable for our DJ Big Grin
Let me ping him...

(2012-08-24, 21:59)hawsey Wrote: And very good it is too, it is included in the above release together with Xebo and re touched ;-)
Sorry didn't know that Wink


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This sounds interesting. Any chance you could upload a vid of it playing some 720p or 1080p movies? Just so i can see how it copes before i pull the trigger.

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