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that is correct, even though L5.2 was "only" added in June 2011. Its just AMDs drivers that have this limit, Intel decodes 4k as well.
(2012-08-25, 14:03)Tobby Wrote: Are there actually monitors using that res under $10,000?

I use a Seiki Digital SE39UY04 39-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED TV
as a monitor (having so much screen realestate is great, you can tile everything
so you don't have to keep switching between apps and tabs etc)

it's $699 on Amazon

(2013-10-05, 11:46)jpsdr Wrote: According H264 spec (Rec. ITU-T H.264 (01/2012) p301), max resolution for H264 L5.2 is [email protected] So, H264 spec allow greater than 2048x2048.
Sorry, I got this info from Microsoft website and used it without checking the specs directly. My bad. So it's only the AMD drivers that are limited to 2048x2048 using whatever h264 profiile (4.1).
(2013-10-05, 05:14)DJ_Izumi Wrote:
(2013-10-05, 04:27)davilla Wrote: Because it's not safe for all flavors. We don't want XBMC to be crashing on random user content. Maybe in the future as more work is done but right now, it's not safe.

Okay, well, then can you explain the following situation?

With DXVA disabled, 1080p 8bit h.264 is played multi-threaded. However, 4k 8bit h.264 is decoded single threaded. ...Why is it 'safe' for 1080p but not 4k?

Ahh, because, it's not safe. You are making huge assumptions with how software code works. For further information, please ask in the FFMpeg forums.
They're both 8-bit, but they're still different h264 profiles. Hi10P can even be encoded in 8-bit.
(2013-10-05, 23:21)Ned Scott Wrote: They're both 8-bit, but they're still different h264 profiles. Hi10P can even be encoded in 8-bit.

Ahhh, I understand now. It's a 'This high profile thing is unsafe' not 'h.264 multithreaded is unsafe'. That's where I was unclear. Smile
Intel NUC 4K!
(2013-11-09, 21:39)lallhands Wrote: Intel NUC 4K!

I love NUC so much.
It appears that the Windows 13 Alpha 10 allows for multicore h.264 decoding at at least up to 4K. That said, moire from the downscale is an issue. Tongue

My PC with a 560ti nvidia card and a 3570k i5 CPU can just barely play 2.7k video and it drops lots of frames. VLC handles it much better. Hope XBMC improves it's support for higher resolutions soon.
Linux does 4K decoding on Intel since more than half a year, same for nvidia:



You can retry with a nightly, that has the new DXVAHD acceleration.
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
Bringing this back up, does xbmc gotham beta 4 support 4K now?

Im gonna try playing a 4k mkv movie (tears of steel 8bit) to see if it plays

How do i check if it plays back ok? (and i know its 4k?)

For those who want, you can test other files from

I'm running on amd machine.. not sure if my hardware supports 4K
you can play/watch 4K movies in case your hardware is up to it. Older AMD cards (the ones that require the legacy drivers) can't hardware decode 4k, so with those you need quite some ponies for software decoding. To check if playback is fine and without drops etc press "o" while watching the video
I've got an amd a6 3670, i guess it has no hw accel. and wont do for software decoding?

So in short, xbmc does support it... ?
instead of asking, have you simply tried it? You might have to force software decoding in XBMCs settings in case HW decoding is failing.

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