IPTV, multicast over IPv6.

I have ひかりTV here (Hikari-TV) which is a Japanese IPTV streaming service (both live, and on-demand) over my fiber connection. I have a tuner which seems somewhat ok, but it is all in Japanese, a bit sluggish etc. But it can record one channel to internal HDD while I watch another. The usual EPG guides, etc.

Is there anything like that available for XBMC already? Is it a service laden with DRM and that tedious crap? (One would think that once I had subscribed, there would be no need for security, but I supposed they want to control 'recordable').

If it is really multicast, there is not much subscribing to do then the normal IGMP join and leave packets. The STB's ussually connects to a middleware server, which in most cases is nothing more then a webserver.

The STB displays full screen video with an html(javascript) overlay as the GUI and OSD. The STB is ussually taking care of your subscription. I have it for instance at my ftth on a different segment of the fiber-modem and they really use rely on the STB to take care of what I can or allowed to watch Big Grin

While using an second NIC who is making the exact same (special) DHCP request, I will get a Class-A IP just like the STB and I am able to use any piece of software to open/join the multicast streams. (You have to sniff first to get the IP's and Ports)

TVHeadend has perfect IPTV multicast support, so loading all the channels there gives me access to it under XBMC. (You can also make strm files for it).

Anyway, I don't know if TVHeadend has IPv6 support?
SO, it does indeed appear to be similar to what you said. It fetches XMLs that lists each channel, and which multisource source address they are based off. Any LAN host (with ipv6) can connect and get the XMLs, so that part is doable. I will attempt to join a stream and see if I can play it back. The whole thing seems to be related to LIME / ITU-T H.762.

TVHeadend did not seem to be something I can use, neither on XBMC on Windows, nor my future Android IPTV app. Oh well.

Any progress on incorporating HikariTV into kodi?
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