Remote Issues w/ XMBCBuntu, Please Help
I have been a long time user of XBMC on Windows and recently scraped my HTPC Win7 install in favor of the new XBMC 11.0. All is well so far with the exception of the remote. After some time of attempting to solve my own problems, I have decided to reluctantly ask for help. I have a Gateway GM5664 Desktop with what appears to be a Happaugge style Gateway branded remote. The remote worked fine with the Windows previously installed but has ceased to work with the newest live version. From what I understand, 11.0 no longer users LIRC and has native support built in for most remotes. I have changed it to send keyboard presses as I saw in another post based on an older version and this did not help. Is there still other configuration I need to do? This may just lead me to buy a NyxBoard like I have beenn wanting but I'd prefer to hold off for a bit. Please let me know if anymore information is needed.

This is the remote pictured here, kind of hard to see though.
Can't really make out the remote shown in the photo, but if you are amenable to getting a different one, but not keen on spending a lot of money, you can get the popular VRC-1100 (wiki), which works well in Linux without the need to use/configure LIRC. It's readily available on-line (e.g., Amazon) for around $16. Most of the buttons work out-of-the-box and most of the remaining ones can be easily assigned to perform various XBMC functions via the keyboard.xml file.
Thank you for the suggestion, it may go that route if I can't figure it out.
My remote looks just like the but instead of the color buttons at the bottom it says gateway.
You could try enabling debug logging in XBMC and then pressing each of the remote buttons (carefully noting the sequence of your keypresses). Examine your debug log (wiki) to see how (or if) XBMC identifies each of the keypresses and, with this information, you may be able to assign XBMC functions to them. However, if none of the remote's button do anything, then it's not likely the fix will be a simple one.
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Remote Issues w/ XMBCBuntu, Please Help00
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