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[SOLVED] error script failed
hi does anyone know why i keep getting this error?
i checked ifo it says am connected online?
any help would be great as addons are not working

You need to be more articulate, a proper debug log posted to and linked with your message would be the best; this link will give you some information about that

When getting a add-on script failure, it's best to approach the thread or forum that is specifically about the plugin you're having issues with.. often the plugin updates are a mad affair and keeping up can be trying at times. I suggested disable all your add-ons until your issue is resolved. Sometimes one plugin can cause other conflicts.
its cool looks like i had my proxy turned on and not set up my bad
working great now thanks
Hey Corby Boy,
Am a total computer illiterate. Use to use provider A and everything was fine. Changed providers and now having the problem mentioned above. How do you set up the proxy. I think i am having teh same issue as you but i do not know how to set up teh proxy.

Anyone Please help.


[SOLVED] error script failed addon.py00