Bug on 1st item of new page of thread in forum
Since yesterday at least on thread : http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=117885

Every post that start a new page does not show until there's a second message, but all the rest does work (mail notification, status in subforum with correct unread status and last poster / date).
The bug is present right now Smile I wont answer and hope no one do until someone can check Smile

I do receive a mail about post from perkins clicking this link http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...on=newpost in the mail send me to first page, no way to go to page 82 but the post is here and will show if another one answer.

The forum tells : Today 07:34
Last Post: perkins.jt

Quite strange and annoying Smile
I can see that post from perkins.jt on page 82 with no problem. I'm using Firefox 15.0.
This is not a client problem but if you can perhaps a permission problem so.

Check the first posts of page 80 (http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=117885&page=80) I'm really not the only one to have this problem.
And if you use 20 posts per page?

I see both posts you are referring to (and in the second reference I only get 41 pages - not 80), in Chrome.
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If I go to 20 posts / page I do see it (but it's no more a 1st page item Smile )

I i got back to default I don't see it again.

And if I log out I don't see it too.

And while logged out or with default post/page the forum only show 81 pages no 82 as it should.

So there's really a strange bug in Smile

OK, I see the problem if I log-out. Page 82 (post #811) doesn't appear. Log back in and page 82 reappears.

The strange thing is that as a moderator you can see page 82, so it's a more complicated bug than just a bad round in page calculation or cache problem Sad

Hope someone will find, I can now answer in the post Smile
I'll check it, but no idea where to start looking actually.
Thanks I'm pretty sure this is a problem with moderation.

There must be a post moderated in my thread that is hidden for users and not deleted.

So admins / moderator don't have the problem and other yes.

Right now there's 819 answer in my thread since last post is #820 but the forum shows 818 in the count, leading to a problem in page count is the post count is bad.
i noticed upon making a post apparently affected by this issue that after making the post, instead of being taken to the post itself, i was taken to the first post of the thread and my post was invisible to me, as well as the 83rd page, until another post was made.
Tolriq, yes, must be something like this.
Any news on this one ? Smile

Just now one user post 5 times trying to get his post visible Sad
sorry, private life issues atm
No problem I'll just have to think to post a reply when new page comes Smile

Good luck with your problems.

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Bug on 1st item of new page of thread in forum0
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