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Frodo nightly crashing now..
Hey all hope someone can help me out..
I pulled a new git and compiled .. re-install nvidia-current drivers 304.43
Using Ubuntu 12.04 with LXDE booting right into XBMC - basically XBMCbuntu

The splash screen flashes 3 times.. trying to load XBMC to no avail.

I was using Aeon MQ 4, thought it might be the issue so I removed and went back to Confluence.

Here is my crash log...

Thanks for any help!

I had similar issues.....I went back to the nightlies from August 27th and they are good.
Did going back to Confluence fix the issue?
System: XBMC HTPC with HDMI WASAPI & AudioEngine - Denon AVR-3808CI - Denon DVD-5900 Universal Player - Denon DCM-27 CD-Changer
- Sony BDP-S580 Blu-Ray - X-Box 360 - Android tablet wireless remote - 7.1 Streem/Axiom/Velodyne Surround System
If I have been able to help feel free to add to my reputation +/- below - thanks!
(2012-09-02, 16:09)DDDamian Wrote: Did going back to Confluence fix the issue?

No - reverting back to confluence didn't help.
I ended up going back to an earlier version.
It's back working now... seems to have a Xserver issue with the newest build.
Or maybe it's the nvidia driver with the newest version... not quite sure..

My logs didn't reveal a whole lot..


Frodo nightly crashing now..00