tvheadend DVB EIT is not refreshed automatically
Hi guys,

I'm using tvheadend with dvb-c.
Only the DVB EIT is enabled.

When i start tvheadend, the epg is filled, but only once it is never updated again.
When i toggle the "EIT DVB grabber" checkbox (under "OTA Interfaces") and click "save configuration" my epg is refreshed within 1 minute.
So refreshing does not happen automatically.

Any of you guys experience the same?

tvh version:
3.1.622.g3db46.dirty, ziggo
nobody who also experiences this?
i'm still having this issue...

any input welcome
@basco, no idea if you figured this out already but there was a bug that stopped EIT updating at one point. But also the updating the data and the hitting save config are in no way related.

It all depends on if adapters are free and whether EIT carrying muxes are known yet.

Hi Adam,

Issue still remains.
All muxes are known (checked with provider).
I've installed 3x (three) tt-1501 dvb-c cards, all connecten to the same provider, to enable viewing on multiple tv's and simultaneously start recordings.
As a temporary fix i have set a cron job that restarts tvheadend each night.
My tvh version: 3.1.575.g11f71

I will keep looking for a solution.

Any hints where to look are welcome
I'd start by upgrading to the latest beta builds (labelled 3.1.732) as the build you have is quite out of date.

See my post about beta release there is a PPA for ubuntu.

Hi Adam,

I've got the latest git installed 3.1.575.g11f71 from .

I've installed your ppa and reinstalled tvheadend:

I removed and reinstalled tvheadend:

Unpacking tvheadend (from .../tvheadend_3.1.732~g329c756~precise1_amd64.deb) ...
Processing triggers for man-db ...
Processing triggers for ureadahead ...
Setting up tvheadend (3.1.732~g329c756~precise1) ...
tvheadend start/running, process 10931

But in version info it still says: 3.1.575.g11f71
Is this ok?

And i will wait and see what happens to the epg.

Thanks for pointing this out!
that does not sound right, it actually shouldn't report any version number, since there is a bug in the PPA package.

Did you refresh the UI pages? as they might have been cached.

fixed it.... well sort'a

my /etc/init.d/tvheadend script is pointing to another tvheadend bin location.
i think it's location has changed.

started it manual and it works great!

now let's really see what happens with epg


The location has not changed, its always been the same. However some people have run "make install" (anyone who's been on #hts will know what I think about that Wink ).

This will install in /usr/local rather than /usr as its not really intended for normal usage, only as part of the packaging scripts (which override the dest dir).

If /usr/local/bin appears in your path before /usr/bin (probably does) then it would use the older one.


the beta tvheadend resolves my epg problem.
epg is now automatically updated.

Hi Adam,
Does the beta tvheadend also contain the teletext patches?
My teletext does not work anymore...
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