Support for the new SAT>IP protocol
the Telestar Digibit R1 is a 4 Tunder sat>ip Server link

It's available in Germany
HTPC (AMD X4 620, Geforce GT 520, Tevii 470, Antec Fusion Case with Imon LCD) with Openelec Gotham Nightlies
Raspberry Pi with Openelec Nightlies for Testing

Inverto is now presenting their IP-LNB with specs:
"8 channel SAT>IP LNB with PoE Adapter, IDLI-8CHE20-OOPOE-OSP, Item: 5047"

pdf here:

But AFAIK it is not being sold yet. Or is it?
(2013-10-23, 15:32)ullix Wrote: But AFAIK it is not being sold yet. Or is it?
No it isn't sold yet, but for the moment the SAT>IP server like the Digibit or the Inverto airscreen (link)looks more interesting to me. Since I can install this server as an extension to my current installation. The LNB will instead completely replace my coax installation.
There is still no native support for SAT>IP with XBMC, but I found a solution which is working quite well.
Take a look a this thread:
I use a existing addon (Simple IPTV) and the M3U list. Just be aware that M3U support is not mandatory according the specification. It works very well with my Inverto airscreen, but from the forums I know that also Digibit is supporting M3U lists. Just one remaining problem, which is not only a problem with this solution. The zapping is very slow, because the demuxing is done by software and zapping takes around 7-8 seconds.
But there is also a solution for that, user "margro" did some optimization and with his XBMC version the zapping takes between 1-2 seconds.
You need to use the Gotham alpha build, since the Frodo build does not include the speed up for Simple IPTV addon.
Thanks, but this stuff is a bit beyond my tolerance level for complications Confused

But good to see that more competent people are working on it!

I started a small project for a SAT>IP client which attaches to the Linux vtuner driver, providing a
a virtual DVB device to any user space application. It´s still quite basic, but first steps with XBMC
and tvheadend look good. I cannot say much regarding performance as I do not yet have good HW
for an XBMC platform. In case you're interested:
Looking forward to your first release!
Oh my, 8 channels of SAT video in HD quality served as IP stream! Is xbmc prepared for this?

The German company reichelt electronik is now announcing shipment of the "INVERTO ILNB :: 8 Kanal Sat>IP LNB mit PoE-Adapter" for 360€ beginning in August this year!
using a recent tvheadend as PVR backend XBMC should be ready for Sat>IP
One more source of pain and sleepless nights.
A simple iLNB to KODI solution would rock.
Could a m3u be a solution?
i know this is an over three year old thread but in case anyone is still curious about SAT>IP, I just within the last week got a link to this article in my Twitter feed, which helps explain it for those of us on the north American continent:

What is a SAT>IP server, and can you use one in North America?

After reading that I did a search to see if any of that equipment was being sold here but I found nothing. I don't know if it ever really caught on in other parts of the world but it definitely hasn't here.

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Support for the new SAT>IP protocol2
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