GBOX Midnight Android PC

anyone has tried this?

any comments?

It claims that it runs XBMC

(sorry had to edit this post - didnt post correct link)
I am interested in this as well. Just got my pivos xios ds and put xbmc on it only to find it quit working after a day or so. Had to return it for a full refund so now I am on the fence if I should get another one.
You're already participating in this existing thread on this device:
Why start a new thread on the same device in the same forum?
erm m8 i started this one.. and then another fellow started a new thread with the same subject...

so i follow the next thread.. (you can check the creation date to see that i am right Smile )...

nevertheless all the posts regarding the same subject are directed there
Ah, you're right... sorry about that. I saw the first response which was posted today and incorrectly thought the thread likewise was just started today.
I just purchase an G-Box midnight, upgrade it to latest firmware, but it show black screen on Netflix,the sound is ok, any idea?
thanks for your help in advance!
@jimmyjiang, stop cross posting Smile
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i have one works great with xbmc just make sure you do not check always with the xbmc and use a regular mouse to set it up
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