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[OpenXDK] OpenXDK is starting to mature
wow, this entire forum has been inactive for a long time!  :tear:

anyways, last i heard openxdk couldn't be used to compile xbmc because xbmc is heavily directx based and openxdk is heavily sdl based.  i am wondering about the possibilities of the openxdk eventually being able to compile xbmc are.  theoretically, from the core of openxdk could it ever work?  what would the openxdk dev's need to do to make it happen?  would xbmc have to be ported over to compile with the openxdk if it was possible to compile with it?  and if so, how much of the code would have to be ported, would it require a full re-write of xbmc?

these are just some of the questions that popped into my head when i started thinking about this ancient topic.  i know the answers are around somewhere, but digging them up is difficult at best since it is a subject that seems to have been long forgotten.  hopefully there are others out there still interested in seeing this happen at some point so that xbmc binaries can be legally distributed.  :kickass:

if you are reading this i am sure you are wondering what sparked my interest in this subject and what prompted the post.  please realize this is very premature, but there is a project in progress called openbox.  it is a very basic dash that can be compiled with the openxdk.  currently, it can't do much, but it is definitely going to be a project i will be keeping an eye on because of the possibilities since it can be legally distributed.  there is a whole forum on the xbox-scene boards about the project.  if you are interested in checking it out, you can find it here!

i'm not posting about openbox to spam the project, i am hoping that some of the people here will see the potential of the openxdk and to generate some interest in the project from the community as it would be great to see legal xbmc binaries from team xbmc, that would even mean xbmc could even implement the auto-update feature that so many people have been asking and begging for so long to get.  :o

again, please realize i know there are several issues and reasons why the openxdk cannot currently compile xbmc so hold the flames, i am hoping to generate some mature discussion and debate about the subject as it relates to the current status and future plans of both projects, as well as general possibilities.


edit:  decided i should link to the openxdk homepage as well, you can find it and more information about the project here!
its my understanding that this wont happen.

microsoft are so into com+ and directx (.net moreso now) it would be like having to not only re-engineer xbmc but wouldnt it require a whole net set of tools, libraries etcetc.
hmm what about wine and related projects... they have come a long way with directx compatability... if i understand it right whats needed is the headers i'm fairly sure wine provides these, it would probably just mean porting them?
i have a hunch that as soon as openxdk gets that mature... people are jsut going to jump all over it and xbmc will be way too slow... and there will be alike... a million zillion other media center projects that are legal to download and perhaps would function better.

i'mnot against xbmc.. infact i think that it is a beautiful piece of softwareSmile... i would indeed have a huge xbmc decal on my car if i could.
but i have my doubts that it will stay top dog forever
isn't all of this a little pessimistic? isn't xbmc built on open source tools? i know that mplayer (which handles all things video) and python (the scripting language) are both open source, and i'm pretty sure the other tools are open source too.<p>
last time i checked, mplayer had working output using directx, opengl, sdl, framebuffer, vidix, direct svga output, and a crap load of other options.<p>
i'm assuming the graphcis viewer is based on libjpeg, libpng, libgif, and so on and so forth, correct? those should be independent of the output. and switching from directx to sdl in the actual viewer app shouldn't be a problem!<p>
doesn't directx just deal with device interfaces and audio/visual processing? we'll probably lose the fancy screensavers we have right now, for a little while, but something tells me it'll be as easy to port xbmc from xdk to openxdk with as much trouble as it takes one to specify the mplayer compiler to include sdl but exclude directx.
if xdk was only dx stuff, sure. but it's not that simple
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[OpenXDK] OpenXDK is starting to mature00