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[RELEASE] Xbox Net Loader
new version 0.80b

fetch from xiso's at full speed!!! (ie comparable to full ftp speed)
the server on the pc app was changed from http to xrp (my creation) and will now run as a standalone server (it runs as a service on win32) but it still can be started from the pc control panel app

note: if you are upgrading, you will need to create new source definitions. the process is the same, but i moved them to one xml file rather than seperate files. feel free to delete the srccfgs dir in your installation.

i would love people to test this and get back to me on their experience. good or bad.
as usual, right after i post an new version, i find a bug Smile

get v0.81 without the bug, but probably some other bug instead Smile

here: xbox net loader
released v0.83

now you can have your apps sorted by category on the xbox

get it here
new version 0.90b

the script can now operate by itself from the xbox. you need an ftp server on the host machine at this time now for this to work (samba connectivity coming later) for those who were looking for it, this now makes it possible to set up for apps that are stored on another xbox.
furthermore, the interface has been much imporved, and more stuff that i'm too lazy and tired to mention Smile

enjoy! and as usual, please let me know how it works (and doesn't Smile) for you.

nice work!
i´ll test it later
PC: Kubuntu 17.10 and Win7/10 --- Wetek Play: LibreELEC 8.1.1 --- RPi3: latest Milhouse 9.0

now samba browsing (ie windows shares) has been added for app configuration (you can still use ftp as well) now most everyone can use the xbox app all by itself. also added the ability to bookmark the url. to browse a server you need to enter a url.
here's the format:

protocol://ntdomain;user:[email protected]:port/share/path

so for example an ftp url could be

ftp://xbox:[email protected]

and a samba url could be

smb://user:[email protected]/share

as usual, let me know how it goes for you - good or bad Smile

fixed some bugs and stuff.



some bug fixes if it wasn't working for you before it should now.


you can now select different drives to fetch to on the fly.


+added update button (actually replaced the exit button as back
works) to check for new versions and update if desired.
+fixed a bug with the settings not updating on the window after
you changed them in the script settings window.
+added the option to use ftpnt:// or ftpmac:// in the browser
for those who are running iis servers or the mac ftp server.
+fixed some ftp bugs in the browser with the initial path not
properly registering.
+other things i can't think of atm

new version: 0.96b

now with much easier game setup!
save management! backup, delete and restore saves.
view game info (including title and save images)
better error handling (ie no more lockups - i hope Smile )

get it at:

[RELEASE] Xbox Net Loader00