OpenElec - .ISO playback issues
Was suggested to ask here from OpenElec forums as it could be a codec issue. So i'll repost issue

Quote:I'm finding some of my DVD rips are failing to play, it's a very small portion of them, the majority play flawlessly.

Running prerelease 1.95.7. The same thing seems to pop up in the log when attmepting to play the iffy .iso files.

4:02:48 T:139779802900224 DEBUG: JSONRPC: Value does not lay between minimum and maximum in type playerid

I tried researching this issue but only thing i can find are logs of the same.

All DVD's are ripped the same using imgburn and anydvd. The ones which don't work run absolutely fine on any software I try it with on my pc using daemon tools to mount. The original DVDs work fine so can't be from rip method.

I've tried setting dvd region to 2, makes no difference.

Full log

This is no full debug log.
Apologies, I'm being rash, let's try this again.

- Running OpenElec 1.97.5 (2.0 Beta 7)
- XBMC 11.0 Git:14feb09 (Compiled : Aug 22 2012)
- OS: Linux 3.2.28 #1 SMP x86_64

Single boot installation of OpenElec installed from USB thumbdrive on an Acer Revo RL70
GPU: AMD Radeon HD6320 [email protected]
OpenGL V. 4.2.11762
CPU: AMD E-450 APU and 4GB RAM

Ok full log from opening and playing a working DVD .iso, stopping then attempting to play a non-working dvd .iso, both ripped in same fashion using anydvdhd and imgburn.

I'm unsure on how to abstract the codec information within each dvd from the .iso or if that's even necessary as they are both merely full copies of the dvd's.
Full XBMC Log: http://editing

I do really hard to follow what's happening here because of all those messages i the log. Could you disable all plugins including webserver not needed to reproduce this issue?
Then please explain what exactly happens and does not work.
Problem is, if i disable the webserver I cannot control my xbmc, i use an app for control and don't have easy access to any other perhiperals. Also, disable all plugins? even the generic ones that come with the build? That's going to take awhile, is that really necessary? I haven't added anything out the ordinary.

Anyway, I've removed the previous logs, i'll see if i can do what you suggested and post back with new.
Ok. I disabled webserver and remote control of xbmc. I disabled pretty much all the add-ons, even some generic ones that come with installation and then rebooted the system and ran the same test as above, following these steps

1) Video > Files > (attempt to play known to work .iso (dvd rip) file). ((time: 2:59)) file was HORRIBLE_BOSSES
- This file was located in a multi-path smb share, I played it simply by clicking the .iso file in file mode.
- File played successfully and I stopped it in the dvd menu.

2) Video > Files > (attemp to play known NOT to work .iso (dvd rip) file). ((time: 3:02)) file was CAPTAIN_AMERICA
- This file was located in a multi-path smb share (the same share as above), I played it simply by clicking the .iso file in file mode.
- The file opened and went to a black screen, it continued with a black screen playing it as a 2 second loop over and over.

Ok something miraculous just happened, after the 2 second black screen looped several times, it actually jumpted to a 9 second loop, then a 25 second loop, then the dvd played taking me to the first menu.

- Skipped through previews.
- Played actual movie ((time 3:06))

and the movie appears to be playing without any issues.

Ok so this was related to a plugin or something to do with webserver?

I'm guessing I add each thing back one at a time to establish the link?

- ((time:3:07)) stopped the movie
- returned to main menu, extracted log files and shutdown xbmc

looking at the log, it seems the delay was due to xbmc "cracking the css keys"? Like I said before I use imgburn and anydvd to create my .iso's, i use the same technique for all my dvds, the majority of them work fine, always, some, like this don't or apparently do.. now. I re-ripped this film a few times to be sure.

Full log:

I don't think it is related to a plugin, it's just much easier to read logs when they are disabled.
And I don't think this is related to css either. Could you try a Frodo based build of OE? This problem might have been already fixed in current master.
Or do you have a chance to provide a sample of a non working iso?
I don't believe there is an OE Frodo version yet, OE beta is Eden.

I don't understand your last sentence, sorry.
There are Frodo builds for OE:

Sorry, there was a typo. I meant if you can provide/upload a sample iso for us to reproduce the issue.
I wouldn't be able to do that, the .iso are dvd rips for we're talking 4gb+ and I wouldn't know how to create a sample.

That frodo patch testing is pretty much an alpha test. I'm weary using beta as it is, just want a working platform to watch films off. I'm debating switching to windows but would still like to get OE working if possible.

Im going to test non-working /iso with everything disabled then re-add one by one.
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