Eden upgrade .. no files in Movie section
I have been searching through all the wikis and the forum looking for help, but I have not been able to find the answer. My friend introduced me to xmbc and set it up for me. I have all my movies in one folder and tv shows in a different folder which are saved on my external harddrive. If I wanted to add content .. I just moved it to the appropriate folder and updated my library. Worked perfectly.
I recently upgraded from xmbc 9.6 to eden. All my files show up in the library, but none of the files will show up under the movies section. The movies section just shows the film strip thumbnail and when I select any of them I get the following message: this file is no longer available, would you like to remove it from the library?

How do I get all the movie files (fan art, movie info, etc.) to appear again in the movie section? I have tried, but it seems like I can not find any way in the "c" menu or the settings. I am using a mac mini with snow leopard.

It is probably a simple fix, but my lack of experience is a problem!

Any suggestions?
Did you set the content on your sources, and then allow them to be scanned into the library? Firstly, did you add your sources? 9.6 to 11 (Eden) is quite a jump, and I imagine you'll need to rebuild your video database.
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Or go back to v9, export (wiki) library, then move your old userdata (wiki) folder away (don't delete it until you have everything set up again, as a backup) to the desktop or something. Install v11, import library.
All I did was download the new version. I have not done anything except search for what I did wrong and got some new add-ons going. If I need to rebuild can you please direct me to where I need to begin? All of the files and cover art shows in files section, but not in movies. Is there an easy way to scan them into library or add sources?
When you are looking at the top level of the Files mode, do you have sources listed there? If so, press "c" on them and choose "set content". Select whichever content is appropriate and settings, and then say yes to "refresh all items?". That will scan the source into your library. For a bit more detailed info, check the links in my signature, as well as in Ned's signature.

Also, Ned's suggestion would work very well too.
Quick Links: debug log (wiki) | userdata (wiki) | advancedsettings (wiki) | adding videos to the library (wiki)
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