XBMC and Ambilight gadget Paintpack
Hi XBMC Fan and developers !

(Sorry for my bad English, this language is not native to me).

We are the developers of the free project Ambilight illumination on any PC
(Published scheme and firmware for DIY ).

Twinkling Plug ( Paintpaсk name assembled device) .


Rear view monitor with installed gadgets:


project page

Now we have our own software captures the images and colors of the film who plays a video player.

Such a method has drawbacks.

Most the best way to work: Do not miss party software video frames, and obtain information on their color directly from the video player.

Make this opportunity to wish XBMC

After all, so far, none of this function do not!!

Can you help with this?
From us will be consultation on the introduction of the code of our library.
XBMC should calculate the average color of the area in the frame and transmit information about the color of our biblioteu. Then she lights a color library on the device.

We also send you a free device to work with him!

The current SDK is attached.

I am writing on behalf of QuickWitted It's not yet registered.

Quote: I am the developer of iron free to repeat the project Twinkling Plug.

Quote:There are two branches.
The first works with the plugin. But due to strong loading plugin creator integrate with it will be a little problematic.
Two DMX has a standard interface to the outside world, written for our iron me.

Device behaves like a standard USB => DMX converter having on board 30 dimmer channels (10 channels RGB LED).
Soup can be cascaded (5 devices give 150 dimmer channels, which corresponds to 50 RGB LED channels).
DMX output at devaysa standard and it can connect any DMX compatible equipment.

Disadvantage of this approach - all the processing on the control program (your player), as well as configuration of Fixtures.
player, after initializing the library, takes off to the library data on the luminosity of each channel.

/ / SetData (1,127); / / Sets channel # 1 data to 127 (50% of the max. Value)
/ / SetData (Channel, Data) Sets the data value for the DMX channel

in the current library (obviously not the last) of its version is in the first post ...
At the moment, we have created a new library with the interface like the original, that is, altered
wretched initial decision to work with multiple DMX universes at the same time from different
management programs.

Ie you do not get a single device, and docking with professional DMX lighting fixtures
and the ability to use your player at concerts (both now soft VenueMagic DMXAV).

By the way, our execution in the current dimmer not just LED ...
is being tested for three phase 150 channels and 300 kW under VenueMagic DMXAV
(Compared to 50 condominium comes 200 kW)

Fixtures is a table with the lights, the channel mapping (see attachment).
If you do not use third-party hardware, we have the RGB channels

SetData (1,15); which corresponds to R01 = 15
SetData (2,127); corresponding G01 = 127
SetData (3,17); corresponding B01 = 17
SetData (4,18); which corresponds to R02 = 18
SetData (5,19); which corresponds to G02 = 19
SetData (6,170); corresponding B02 = 170

and so on = depends on the number of RGB channels

Members area (actually RGB LEDs) are glued not standardized ...
(The program creates a rectangle that user drags on the screen)


more on video

Why not use the same?

in the film 24 frames
player of 24 frames ponadelal intermediate frames that would fit in the frequency of the monitor.
current plugin to capture what appears on the monitor ...
as a result on the device may show inconsistencies with what is shown on the screen.
(Not the fact that the taking flash shots of the film can capture frames where flash is quenched
lubricated or flash ...)

only option bypass the current situation - getting data straight from the movie ...


Best wishes http://paintpack.ru team
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Oh look I have competition Smile (I'm the boblight developer).
XBMC uses the rendercapture class to get video frames from the video renderer into python, I wrote it specifically to be used with the boblight addon.
You can check the source of the boblight addon here: https://github.com/bobo1on1/script.xbmc..../frodo-pre
New version AmbiBox 2.1.4 released.
In the new version added direct capture from XBMC
Hello I am not sure which of the threads found with that topic is the actual one and the one where I can get some infos out. But I will try it here.
here http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=112008 and here http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...pid1570696 I found some info and also posted there.

One question before I am going to buy such a kit: I am running XBMCbuntu - does this work with the Paintpack kit? and selling via Ebay - is there any support if I am running into troubles? and - is there (or is one planned) a XBMC plugin?

rebuilding ....
New version AmbiBox 2.1.5 released.

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