MCE Keyboard in XBMCbuntu

I'm new to XBMCbuntu,
I've used XBMC on top of Windows 7 until now but went to the ubuntu version because of some Windows related 'issues'.

XBMC is awesome and almost everything works great out-of-the-box.
Under unbutu running on my Foxconn NT-a3500 i do have 1 little problem though.
I use a Logitech Harmony One remote to control XMBC.
All 'normal' keys are working just fine, my Foxconn is in the Logitech database.
I've programmed some additional keys to be able to send keystrokes, letters, T for next subtitle, I for info, O for performance info, and so on.
To be able to send letters with my Harmony one i had to use a 'MCE Keyboard' device profile.
XBMC on top of Windows 7 is working fine at this point, press the T and the next subtitle is chosen.
XBMCbuntu does not work with the MCE Keyboard instructions i send with my remote.
I've tried 'irw' for testing but it seems nothing is being received even though the IR receiver (HP) flashes it's light.

I've read some Google stuff regarding lirc but i'm not able to get it working yet.

Is there a simple solution to my problem?

Kind regards,
I cannot help you fix it, but I am just jumping in to say I have the same issue after switching from Win7 to Ubuntu. Only in my case with a Logitech Harmony 900 and an ASUS board (Atom D520/ION2).
Have searched the internet for answers but it looks like not many are using this combination of XBMCbuntu, ION2 platform and Logitech Harmony :-(

In my configuration lirc is used, btw.
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