TIME SENSITIVE: We need your help to fill out the Kodi PVR wiki page
As a complete n00b with my Ceton InfiniTV4 PCIe card coming in a few days, I'm really excited to see that XBMC is embedding PVR support. One of the things I have been reading about and preparing for is expecting to use Remote Potato to schedule Media Center recordings of live television, and MCEBuddy to compress them, sort them, keep the ep data, etc, and render them ready for viewing through XBMC.

Will the PVR feature in Frodo make any of that unnecessary? I have researched for hours but I don't know the full answer yet to be honest. So one thing I would really appreciate seeing on the wiki page is a more entry-level "here's what you need to know about PVR functions in XBMC." And maybe say something there about the definition of a PVR "Back End", when the XBMC PVR would be able to record shows and when it couldn't (copy freely, copy once, do not copy), and what hardware it can interface with directly to provide services, if any. I don't really understand the distinction between frontend/backend and, for instance, why I think I might end up needing to install something like Media Portal and whether or not that would be the same as what I described above... honestly, the discussion here about PVR stuff has confused me a bit, but only because y'all are in the midst of transition no doubt. Not a criticism, please don't misunderstand. Smile

Anyway, a helpful step by step for the beginner would be dandy. I have found Milkman's complete guide and am downloading that as we speak. From what I have seen of that, it seems that something like that content would be great on the wiki.

Thanks for listening, and cheers!
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