TIME SENSITIVE: We need your help to fill out the Kodi PVR wiki page
(2012-10-11, 04:43)Ned Scott Wrote:
(2012-10-10, 23:37)fiveisalive Wrote: Shouldn't the individual articles about PVR add-ons be moved into the Add-on namespace? Currently there are a number of pages already in that namespace, e.g. http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Add...PVR_client that should either be merged under PVR, or they should be merged to Add-on: There is also already a category: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Cat...VR_add-ons I also posted my query on the PVR talk page: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Talk:PVR

Well, the add-on namespace is mainly for individual add-on entries more than it is for add-on related pages, while the sub-pages of the PVR guide are about both the add-ons and the backends. I wasn't sure how much over-lap there would be, so if it makes more sense to just have everything on the PVR add-on page and then link directly to that (and not have a sub page here) then we can certainly do that instead.

I can certainly see the logic in having a general page about the PVR backend/add-on and an add-on specific page. But even if that was the intention, it doesn't seem that other wiki contributors were aware of that structure, otherwise there would already be links between each of the PVR/<backend> and Add-on:<client for backend> for the pages that do currently exist. In this case, however, I think there's a good argument for consolidation. Why not just keep the add-on pages, and have the top-section about the add-on client and a lower section about backend setup. Also if detailed configuration information is going to be in the Add-on:<client for backend>, then it shouldn't be repeated in the PVR/<backend> page.

The one issue I think new users have with the information on the wiki in general is not that there isn't good information, but that there are too many pages that cover the same topic but from slightly different angles, rather than all being a single place (or at least just a few). This also leads to pages becoming out of sync with each other, and sometimes eventually being abandoned with outdated information. For example for MythTV we already have three pages:


(and lot of information the last page could probably be archived in Talk: or under some Archive: namespace, does one exist?)

Hmm, I see now that in some cases some of the information from the add-on page is transcluded, e.g.


transcludes the "Settings" section of this page:

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