Linux Touch Screen?
I'm trying to get an eGalax-clone touchscreen which uses usbtouchscreen module working on raspbmc. got new kernel built, driver loads, but XBMC doesn't even do the wrong thing with it. Mouse works. driver appears in lsmod.

$ uname -a
Linux raspbmc 3.2.27 #2 PREEMPT Wed Sep 26 13:51:05 UTC 2012 armv6l GNU/Linux
$ lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
joydev                  8664  0
usbtouchscreen          9260  0
uvcvideo               56176  0
videodev               73336  1 uvcvideo
i2c_bcm2708             2788  0
i2c_core               18852  2 i2c_bcm2708,videodev

output appears on /dev/input/mouse1
Im assuming you have the option for touch screen turned on in raspbmc
also check out the trouble shooting section here
Yes, it's turned on.
The downloadable eGalax drivers don't support this touchscreen. Maybe some former version did. The driver's from STM's site only go up to kernel 2.6, which won't help us.

The link you provided has to do with the tkusb driver and X windows, neither of which are relevant to this touch screen with xbmc on raspbmc.
The link was suggested to me for setting up a raspberry pi as a car pc with a touch screen, to be honest I didnt get that far as it proved to be a non event..meh sorry for the bum steer
Have a search through the linux help here as there where a few posts re touch screens not working in xbmc..... might point you in the right direction Smile
I have a 17" eGalax touch with a Raspberry Pi. I noticed that most "ubuntu" or "debian" derived Rasp-Pi distros support the touch out of the box which is great. However when using XBMC (since it's running in framebuffer) does not work. I was wondering where I can help (although I'm not a developer) or what I have to do to have the core development team of XBMC to look at this?

Any ideas are welcome...

PS: There a a zillion blogs, tutorials, etc out there discussing how to get it working. Trust me: I've tried them all without any luck (been trying for almost 3 months now :'( ).

Any help, tips, suggestions are welcome!
I may have a solution for you. I've gotten the lilliput monitor I'm using to recalibrate the touch screen in xserver on weezy. I'm using ssh to try the same thing with raspbmc and will have a write up this week on my blog at Busby Breaking Stuff.
Hi dcallebaut,

Not sure if this is of any interest, but your posts help me out.

Currently using Xbian with egalax TS, but should work with any Distro.

I use ts_calibrate to generate the pointercal file and then my version of uinput-mapper to generate a cloned user input event with simulated left/right click. See VIDEO and THREAD...

Hope it helps
Hey Markamc,

I'm glad to hear that my thought I put in forum posts are helpful.
Thank you also for the tip on this. I'm going to give it a try too and will report back as soon as I can.
Placed a tutorial here...

touchscreen calibration and extra features -- BTN_RIGHT and single touch select

Tested ok on Xbian and Raspbmc
Hey Markamc,

Finally could try it but no luck here Sad

I posted a message on your blog explaining in more details the issue.

I hope you have a tip up your sleeve for me ;-)
Hopefully things are working better now...thanks for your help and contribution dcallebaut!!
Yes they are. This is mostly thanks to your work and tutorial. Great work!

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