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Best alternative to Apple TV for a simple XBMC box
I'm looking to get a small/cheap ($100 or less) little box to run XBMC and stream stuff from my movie/show library. The Apple TV 2 was a good choice, but it's too expensive now. The new version is cheap but can't be jailbroken to run XBMC. I did a search to see if this was already brought up but didn't find anything relevant.

So I'm wondering what people would suggest as a good quality alternative that would do the same thing. I was thinking about building a little box using raspberry pi, but I heard the interface is slow, and it would also probably be easier/simpler to just get a pre-built box that I could just hack a bit. The other option is an Android based box, but there are so many of those that it's hard to decide which one would be best for XBMC.

My library is already organized for XBMC (NFOs/posters/fanart stored along with the video files) and primarily accessed/modified through my main HTPC, but I just want something simple for a TV in another room.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

It's an Android box and can also run Linux. Both versions are still in development, but it's a safe bet that they will run smoothly on this box, as Pivos is not only a sponsor of the XBMC Foundation, but has even gone as far as hiring two XBMC developers to work on this full-time (not me, though, so I'm not getting paid or anything to say this :) )

It's the best bet for a near $100 ($115, iirc) XBMC box, and dethrones both ATV2 and ATV3 in specs.
It's actually $99 on Amazon right now.
Thanks for the suggestion Ned. You mention that both versions are still in development. Do you mean the Android and Linux interfaces for it?

Also, since they're still in development does that mean that I'll have to wait a while for it to be really useful, or does it work well now and will just improve and have small issues fixed with time?
I suggest going to the pivos forums, there you can read all about the current state of development.
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Alright, will do. Thanks.
can you recommend any others i cannot get that here in australia can't even find anyone that will ship one to australia was thinking of just looking at android boxes on ebay but not sure the specs needed to run the app

how about this

has wifi and ethernet
specs at bottom of page
What about the Cyclone Nano? Has anyone tried that?
(2012-10-15, 13:19)Lazee Wolf Wrote: What about the Cyclone Nano? Has anyone tried that?

Isn't the Cyclone Nano a rebadged Pivos?
MediaInfo :
Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
Jynxbox Android HD.

I'm running XBMC, installed "Fusion" and most repositories are working very well.

It's very similar to the Pivos but has 1GB RAM built in. It's also got support for a USB ATSC tuner.

Sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but I have two questions about the JynxBox HD that I haven't been able to find the answers for, and I thought phat might be able to assist?

1. Does it play DVD ISOs with menus? I spent this fall ripping my entire collection to ISO, and I'd hate not to be able to access them.

2. Does it have RCA outputs for standard TV as well as HDMI? We've currently got a 36" analog TV in our bedroom. Eventually we'll replace it with an HDTV, but not right now. I'd like something that I could use both before and after that switch.

Any info at all would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
Hi Guys,

Looking for a cheap(ish) box with decent ram and a GB ethernet port. Anything out there?

I find some new movies I'm getting (whatever the encoding is) is bufferring like mad on my ATV2.

They buffer even on a 100 mbit wired connecton? Those are some big files :-).

The M3 Pivos XIOS has 1GB of ram, but only 100mbit ethernet. Unfortunately it's also still on beta software even after so long.
If your looking for a direct boot XBMC check out :The Little Black Box

Best alternative to Apple TV for a simple XBMC box00